BAD! Kitty Art Studio

The Fairy World Show


Well this is all of the show, minus one that I don’t have a picture of yet. I am going to try and get it taken and upload to this slide show later in the day.

If you see something you like…for goodness sakes Email Me

and we will work something out. Some of these have been loaded onto Etsy and are ready for sale there, you can get there by clicking on the Etsy pictures in my sidebar, they also have better pictures than in this slide show.

I am starting a new work today, after finally getting all my responsibilities caught up and I am looking forward to a day in studio…I’ll show what I get done if I get someplace that makes sense…I have three ideas (as usual) and I may spend a little time getting all three started so I may not have anything today to share…but you know me…in a day or two I’ll have three to share!

So everyone have a great day, buy some of my art if you are moved to do so, or send my info along to someone who will, please.

I need that sale to happen soon…

Love to all,


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