The Fortune Cookie Reader-sales page

These 5 works are HAWA’s latest invention, The Fortune Cookie Readers. They softly glow, because all good things glow from within, dontcha know? With their battery powered LED lights they can create 16 colors and variations of light play. The crystal balls are photographers balls. Which means they are magical and allow you to read or look at anything you place inside the head. The artists discovered it was perfect for reading the tiny print on those fortune cookies we all get. The special ones we keep, it’s a human thing and eventually we lose them, also a human thing. These golden and happy heads are thrilled to be your reader and keeper! You won’t even need your glasses! Each head comes with a couple different fortune cookies, you know, to get you started. They come with their own custom storage boxes and batteries ARE included. These works will be a new friend in your world, always ready to light the way and remind you of all the good things and times in your life, no matter how small. Seriously, you can look down through the top of these balls and see anything, pictures, fortune cookies, messages….what’s in your head? Fantastic way for roommates, lovers and parents to communicate messages to each other, play with them! Interactive, immersive, magical and completely new in the world, there are only 5 in existence. The Artists have left this series open until the end of 2021.  

Fortune Cookie Reader #2

Fortune Cookie Reader #3

Fortune Cookie Reader #4

Fortune Cookie Reader #5

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