oil painting by Heather BRown Truman
‘Insights: Facing Truth’
24″ X 30″ X 2″
Gallery Wrapped sides, no staples, extra thick box style canvas/ready to hang
Here is the quote that inspired the work:

“You never find yourself until you face the truth.”

Pearl Bailey (1918 – 1990)
This work started out as a lark. I really did just start painting and this is what happened. These three heads with their long faces, rich full lips, and expressive eyes reminded me of African Tribal masks, like what the Shamans would have worn. (which I have always had a fascination with, tribal masks of all types, that is) They appeared like magic in my brain pan, so I just went with it.
They are painted in very rich earth tones and warm reds, they will make a dramatic statement where ever they are placed. This is the first in the “faces” series (you can see the rest of the series at my web site HERE in the paintings gallery).
I have enjoyed working in this abstract series, the faces have all shown me, taught me, that I can not hide from my real self.
I am not a rule follower, I am a rule maker.
(for myself, I’m not trying to take over the world here ya know…well maybe just a little) 🙂
At the time this series was started
 (which I admit I didn’t know was going to turn into a series)
I just wanted to play with a style of painting faces that was not realism, and not cubism, and was not entirely abstract either.
I think I ended up on the abstract side of the street anyway, but it’s in my own style and that’s what I was after in the first place.
These heads… well what can I say? You can see they have compassion, information, understanding and something to say.
What do they say to you?
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