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Cracker Jack Mary

8″x 10″

mixed media on canvas


MINT or near perfect cracker jack charms

from the past 50 years, and a vintage image from the late 1800’s.

Wrapped edges, needs no frame and it’s ready to hang!


A Vintage Photo (from my personal collection of late 1800’s photos), real vintage MINT cracker Jack toys, wired on…so yes they could be removed later…the cracker jack toys span 50 years of toys produced by the company. Hand cut tiles of black and white Plexiglas, flat marbles, oils, handmade clay tile hearts, and metal powders.


The story of Cracker Jack Mary:

‘Cracker Jack Mary’ came about from meeting a really neat guy named Manny at a tag sale, and another nice woman online, who gifted me with her family photos one of which is in this assemblage. The Cracker Jack Toys are authentic vintage toys that are all in mint condition, and wired on, so if they were ever “harvested” for their individual value they could be removed. There is at least one toy from the last 50 decades of Cracker Jacks toys on this work. The portrait of the “Mary” came from a local woman who gifted me her old family photo’s for art, she wanted to contribute to my ability to continue working as a starving artist, but could not afford to buy a work…so she gave me the supplies instead. I was very inspired by her generous gift!

Manny sold me this little box full of Cracker Jack toys for a few dollars, at his tag sale, telling me the whole time he could sell them for more on Ebay each than what I was paying for all of them. To my surprise…he was correct! I looked them up and one of the toys is a real rare one, made of vellum and worth about 60.00 by itself! I had no idea they were even collectible, but when I told him (while I haggled him down on his price of 8.00 each toy) that I wanted to use them for an art project, he handed them all over for $8.00. So, thanks to Manny, and to the lovely lady that gifted me with these wonderful items to help tell my story, in visual form.

The moral of this story?

Change is Good.

This is the quote that inspired me during the creation…


“It is the individual only who is timeless. Societies, cultures, and civilizations; past and present are often incomprehensible to outsiders, but the individual’s hungers, anxieties, dreams, and preoccupations have remained unchanged through the millennia.”

~ Eric Hoferer (1902-1983)


Enjoy your day!



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Cracker Jack Mary

8′ x 10″

mixed media

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