This is the painting I was lost on…
this is the painting that has been eating up all my time
and brain space…I’m calling it tangled.
It’s really big.
I am really tired.
This is a really crappy picture, inside the studio with one light.
I always feel like I am really done,
when I post them…so now I am going to
wash the paint off my hands, brush my teeth, and go to bed.
Tomorrow I will decide if I even like this work,
or if I am going to scrap it.
Right now, I am just glad it’s done.
I am not sure that it’s any good at this point…
it’s been a long and disappointing day here at the studio,
with some new really bad news,
over due bills and
scraping paint out of dry tubes,
because I have no more supplies.
I am a tired BAD! Kitty…
and a little pissy about it all, so…
goodnight all.