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Heather and William Alley aka HAWA are married, professional artists, who are oil painters, poets, musicians, product inventors, and multimedia visionary’s. They work on the same canvas at the same time.
As Heather and William share their process, they are the channel and tool for a divine message coming through: “The lines have their own agenda, the painting has its own plan.” The goal is that they resonate with your spirit.

This site is an invitation to experience connection with these pieces and works. It is Heather and William’s hope that you feel seen, heard and healed here. That these pieces resonate with your own divine energy.
Heather & William Alley are owners and creators of AlleyVision LLC, including The Pour Paint Kit ®️

Latest Collection: Simplicity


– 2019


– 2020

"Making Waves"

– 2020

"Happy Day"

– 2020


– 2020

"Earth Sky Water"

– 2020


– 2020

"After the Storm"

– 2020

"Water Dancer"

– 2019

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Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end

Quote in title: Seneca “The big talent is persistence.” Octavia E. Butler  We continue. Evolution, it seems is also a spectrum What a fantastic, free for all, terrorising, brutal year. 2020 can wrap it up and go away….I’m done! 🙂 on with the show….no, not the shit show. It’s more like, let’s get it done…. remain kind! Hello art fans, I hope this post finds you safe and healthy. We have (knock on wood) remained COVID free. Our protocols have not changed since February 2020. We remain. We continue. The art work continues. Isolation is as it ever was…enlightening and

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Freedom is the recognition of necessity.

Freedom is the recognition of necessity. Friedrich Engels Wow…2020? Who knew? It’s a hot mess, for sure. We are all living through the events of this year, so I won’t bother to recount, or document this current moment reality. Because, like, you know, right? We have spent the entire year in, well…..what now, mode. The artwork continued and we ended up with a whole lot of finished work that’s even been copyrighted. Our first completed body of work, together, as professional artists, and as an art duo even. We’ve been painting for years now, this is our first focused year

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The center that I cannot find is known to my unconscious mind.

quote in the title: W.H. Auden Sometimes, poetry is the only way to describe, explain, distort and contort my present moments of now-ness. At 12 years old I started bleeding with the moonand beating up boys who dreamed of becoming astronauts.I fought with my knuckles white as stars,and left bruises the shape of Salem.There are things we know by heart,and things we don’t. At 13 my friend Jen tried to teach me how to blow rings of smoke.I’d watch the nicotine rising from her lips like halos,but I could never make dying beautiful.The sky didn’t fill with colors the night

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What People Have To say

2019-03-24 19.35.05

Dryad Wood


“Beautiful Dryad Wood arrived and is on my wall. It is so utterly sublime. The shadows make me shiver and the pink tinge in the sky is so full of joy that it’s practically impossible not to just jump in the picture and dance. My husband looked at it and said how much he liked it. “She’s a professional,” he says. “Well, YEAH!” Thank you for the small pieces, they were an unexpected happiness. Philosophy and Art too. Or are they the same thing? The depth of both thought and image is amazing. Thank you for sharing the gift of your genius.” ~W.P. Cross


Eve 2

Abstract Painting 20x20

HA! 2015 oils 18″ x 24″ Eve 2
” It’s an interesting thing…feeling so connected to someone you have never met in person but speak the same language…the language of the heart.
I have admired Heather’s work since I first “met” her on Facebook and marveled at her talent. Initially, I was a bit reluctant to openly share on her page how her work made me feel inside. Then I thought, well her work touches me so deeply, I must let her know…and that is how it began.
We began sharing here and there and the deep voice within me kept saying how amazing it would be to have a piece of her spirit with me through her incredible talent.
When Heather announced her pay what you can afford concept I squealed with excitement…and then dread hit. How could I possibly offer her what I can afford and not insult her? It was as if she were sitting inside my brain, gently nudging me to be brave. Well, I typed, very slowly in a private message to her about what I could comfortably afford and then noticed I was holding my breath! I took the plunge and hit send because she made it so easy for me to do so and after I plunged I was received with love.
Heather made the whole buying process extremely easy for me and I set up my payment arrangements without a hitch.
I waited with anticipation for my goodies to arrive and yesterday they were delivered, perfectly packaged with care and certificates of authenticity, not to mention a beautiful note that accompanied her gorgeous out picturing of the talented, wise woman energy that is so uniquely hers.
I look forward to a move soon and will proudly display these pieces, created by my friend Heather Alley.” ~ J. Feldman


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