Full painting

full painting from an angle so you can see the transparent redness of the water and the wonderful green lotus pads.
Close up on the golden lotus (that’s washed out in this picture) it is really very deep golden yellow, and the fish is a tan-ish color, not yellow
‘Substance Love’
36″ x 24″
ready to hang
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Here is the quote that is inspiring it:
When oxygen and hydrogen find one another, their joining produces fiery passion. Out of this fire, water is born. Quaint Victorian chemistry gives us an image of one oxygen and two hydrogen atoms in a fixed molecule that bounces around from place to place. The reality of water is not so orderly. The hydrogen atoms are not owned by any particular oxygen atom. Water is a substance very much in love with itself, and the atoms connect in webs and clusters where oxygen shares around the hydrogen atoms freely, a fluid situation indeed. ~Ian D. Anderson


The water is the richest red I have ever been able to achieve in a painting, so that pleases me to no freaking end. The pictures are weird because of the light here today. I wanted to capture the two beautiful butterfly koi at the waters edge during a brilliant blazing red summer sunset. The rays of the diminishing sun turning the shallows into a ruby red stream bed for just that moment. The fish were so much fun to paint, and I want to show them at play. The water is really layers of color so it’s see through, you can see the fishes fins and the movement of the water as they swish along. I know water isn’t supposed to be red, but it’s my world and I liked the idea of a red tinted water world for my frolicking fish.
I hope you all have day filled with imagination and the power to do something with it.
Love to all,
Heather McSmiley Pants
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