Yoga Series #4 – Warrior Pose- fluid art pour painting


Yoga Series #4-Warrior Pose
20″ x 16″ x 1″
Ready to hang
HA! 2018
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This series is a by-product of my meditation series. I am a chronic illness warrior. I live with a body in rebellion. I use every tool available and acceptable to my soul to alleviate pain. Pain in the body, pain in the mind, pain in the heart and soul. I do this for myself and for the world at large. I understand I am only a small part of a huge and expansive Source. I am here to translate pain into love, service, compassion and a fierce strength. These works are all intentionally made with healing thoughts, music, herbs, sounds and smells. I create a magical portal of wellness and I paint there. They are talismans for health, vitality and strength. They serve as my calling card to Source, I was here and I did the job to the best of my souls ability at all times. Never stop. Never quit. Surrender to the unknown and when it gets tough…turn over and float. It’s the law and it is well with my soul.

<3 HA! 2018





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