The Abstract Game #5 -oils-HAWA 2019


The Abstract Game #5

HAWA oils

30 x 40 x 2

The Abstract Game is an actual game that we invented for ourselves to loosen up, stop thinking and just paint with abandon using line, symbols, shape and color.

The series was fun and exciting to create!

We pushed ourselves in new ways and discovered new things about ourselves, the world we live in and how that is working on our persons, heart, mind and soul. It felt very vulnerable at times, there were moments of OMG and AhA!  and moments of surprised healing and confrontation.

Very therapeutic in nature, this exercise opened and released some pent up energy in a positive and life affirming way.

I love how they all turned out and consider this to be a complete success. We learned, we played, we discovered and we exhausted our joy in physical form.

We hope you enjoy them.

Your friends in the arts,

Heather & Bill Alley



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