Simplicity Collection #3-Canyon-New oil painting-HAWA 2020


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“You cannot, in human experience, rush into the light. You have to go through the twilight into the broadening day before the noon comes and the full sun is upon the landscape.”

Woodrow Wilson 

Simplicity Collection #3- Canyon 48″ x 48″ x 2″

oils on. museum grade canvas

painted sides, needs no frame, ready to hang

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Simplicity Collection day 9. Canyon watch us paint this work on our YouTube channel. Link in bio#lowviewfriends #newartwork #poetry_lover #pdxartist

♬ Water Sound Effects Boating – Nature Sounds


This work was fun and felt uncomplicated and grounded the entire experience. It smoothly rolled out its simple message, “be here, now”.

The sparkling turquoise sky, reflected in the river stream below, pulls your eyes into the magic. The shades of grey canyon walls, almost look like ancient dwellings, placed upon outcroppings of land. It is in the beauty of the simple joys of being alive that keep the engines churning over here. We are in a flow state at the moment and effortless peaceful joy is a constant companion. We like it here, we hope you enjoy it too.

The movie:

This art making movie has puppies, funny hats and sneak peeks at new works in progress, watch til the end to see them all 🙂


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