Beauty in Imperfection – fluid acrylic pour painting- HA! 2018-SOLD


Beauty in Imperfection – HA! 2018- Fluid acrylic-museum grade thick canvas
36″ x 36″ x 2″

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Beauty in Imperfection – HA! 2018- Fluid acrylic-museum grade thick canvas-

36″ x 36″ x 2″

The koi fish series started at the beginning of the fluid pour painting experience. As I strived to perfect  my style in this medium, the fish swam into my world. Gently and serenely, they swim in the dark pond water. Swish, swish, they gracefully exude the confidence of a much more powerful being. The sunlight highlights the perfect darkness of the eye staring at me.

Beautiful koi fish, what are sharing with us?

Easy, graceful acceptance. Even in the face of adversity, the koi continue, becoming more beautiful and powerful with every passing season.  They remind us we are more than enough, in this now. We are perfectly designed to thrive. The source of all there is, makes no mistakes. Source revels in our perfectly imperfect,  design. Our differences make us stronger. Our ability to love ourselves, in every stage of life, allows us to become immortal. Love is the reason. Love is the portal and the forge fire. Love is the awakening and sweet dreamless sleep. Love is the food of the gods and the light on the chariot.

We only have to open our eyes and accept, radically, the job at hand. It’s love. To love and be loved. To help and to serve the greater good for all. To learn and fail and write a great report for your tea time with source. When you come to the table of source, you know the beauty was always the imperfection of creation, allowing for transformation, evolution and explosive growth.  Adversity may breed character, but love can create and sustain a brand new world.

May you always remember your personal divinity, sovereignty, and perfectly imperfect, beautiful soul.

<3 HA!

Here is a link to a movie about making the fish:

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