A Strange World- Series-Alien Girl #3-HA! 2016-Oils

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“A strange world” the series

#3 Alien Girl

HA! 2016


36″ x 24″

Ready to hang, needs no frame

painted sides


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“A Strange World”-Alien Girl #3- HA! 2016-Oils- 36″ x 24″

“What a strange world this would be if we all had the same sense of humor.”

Bernard Williams

This painting is #3 in an ongoing series. The series was born on election night, 2016. Make of that fact what you will, but, I was expressing my sense of humor with a very  serious statement on the world that is NOW.

In the series, this Alien Girl has been the most playful and plain fun to paint and live with. If you like satire and fine art, she is your girl. That’s a Bond style martini she is enjoying, just FYI. 🙂 She really get’s me <3

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Dimensions 40 × 26 × 5 in


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