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This page is where you will find the currently available fine artworks for both artists. (HA!, WA &HAWA) We have works here that we will not be offering through the sales platforms we use. (i.e. etsy, vango,artfinder, see more links in the menu) We offer these works directly, to cut out those middle men, so to speak.  This allows us to offer works directly and for many of our, “already known to us fans”, they prefer to buy their works, directly from us. We have over 18 years worth of work in the world, with 400+ works sold and shipped, internationally. 70% of our works are sold directly to the patron, in this way. 

 All pictures/images will be linked to the blog page that supports the creation process of the work. To learn more about any works, see in progress pictures and close ups of the finished works, just hit the image and you will be taken to the right page. 

 Prices on this page are fixed and do not include shipping. 

Please email us at the studio for any questions or purchase inquiry’s: tribealley@gmail.com




“Alien Girl”

16″ x 20″ x  2″  Oils

Birch Wood Cradle

HA! 2017

$275.00 + Shipping

Contact: tribealley@gmail.com to purchase


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