BAD! Kitty Art Studio
O.M.G! (Again)
This past two weeks have been totally crazy because my computer
went bust.
Then during a much needed overhaul of the web site…made it go boom again.
Then the web site was being looked at by like a thousand art galleries ( a girl can dream…shut up ) for reviews (and such)…
and it crashed.
And then the web site was there, but not really for like a week because of code that went to hell. (if I ever have to read that much computer code again…well, all I can say is I’d rather have my teeth pulled than read code at this point.)
It is all fixed now, I can use my computer and my web site is new and shiny…and not done yet but I am halfway there. Woot!
So, go check out my New bright and shiny Web Site please! Tell me what you think.
I need feedback people…feedback.
Lots of love to all,
See there’s the link right there for you all easy and everything…well… Don’t just sit there!