New Work…let  me know what you think, I am a starving for attention artists dontcha know…and its been 4.5 months for new, I mean really new work so revel or throw money…either one works.

‘Transition with Song’

24″  X  18″ x 1″

Oils/Mixed Media

$475.00 USD with free shipping to anywhere in the world.

Here is the quote that helped the work along:

 “I strew flowers. Not one shall I find without scattering its petals before thee…and I will sing… I will sing always, even if my roses must be gathered amidst thorns: and the longer and sharper the thorns; the sweeter shall be my song.”

~St. Teresa of Lisieux

Raw & Radiant,


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You will find it in the 2011 Gallery….it’s the first of the year….you know you want it.