Traveling Man
18″ x 24″
ready to hang/back stapled
Here’s the quote to go with it:
And I will show you something different
from either Your shadow at morning
striding behind you,
Or your shadow at evening
rising to meet you
I will show you fear
in a handful of dust.
T.S. Eliot (1888 – 1965)
Good Morning After eat all you can day.
We had a feast to beat all feasts.
Mate Man cooked all day and fed us to the falling over point, it was fantastic!
I hope you all had good times too.
This is the first of the three works I did over the coarse of three days.
I had to wait for the knife work to dry on this one so I could fix what I saw was wrong. I really like him now…and I am enjoying the map my mind is making for me to follow. When I paint my best work happens when i don’t have a plan, just a little idea and then i just relax, and play with what happens. (little i’s on purpose)
I like these three because they are just that, (scroll down one post for the other two) from my inner eye, no prompting, no reference pictures or muses, just me…doing what I wanted to do. Ahhhh, it’s like a day at the spa, or getting a thorn out after a while of painful squeezing. I like the spa metaphor better today.
Any way I have no clients today…and I would never go out into the Black Friday Greed-a-thon crap-ola that is going on today…so it’s just me and the kids playing board games and sneaking pie for breakfast.
Have a good one all, and tell me what you think of this new work…I find it so helpful to see work through fresh eyes.
Grins and giggles,