Hello All.
I have had a thought that I think will be great fun.
I’m starting today a new Friday Game Show!
It’s called BAD Art Friday.
I got the idea from Andrea…and her Ape or Human painting game.
OK, here’s the rules:
1. I am going to go through the studio and take pictures of all of my
Worst, most BAD art that
I, myself have done.
2. Then I will post them and ask you all out there in cyber land to tell me what you think needs to be done with the work.
a) Scrap it, burn it! My eyes, My eyes!
b) Change the background, add this or that.
c) You are brilliant, I wouldn’t change a thing, I want it and I’ll pay the shipping, don’t burn it!
3. You all will then post comments to what if anything you think of my really BAD! artworks. Lay it on me!
4. I will take the suggestions and re-work the art (or burn it which ever, in case of burning said BAD art, I figure every body wins)
5. If your suggestion is the one I take,
then you get the new Re-worked painting for free, ( in the case of my being brillant and not knowing it, you will still get the painting, you just are going to have to win me over with your words!) or you can choose to auction it off to the highest bidder (I’ll do that for you) and you can tell me what charity you want the money given to. When the art sells, I will donate 100% of the money (minus shipping) to the charity of your choice in your name (or not if you want).
That’s it.
You do not have to know anything about art to play. In fact, only the most creative, funny, critically helpful and/or thoughtful comments will be the ones I pay attention too.
(Don’t be a green meanie, or I will delete your comments; be funny, or tell it like it is, tell me you hate it (or whatever), but don’t personaly attack me, this is for fun)
The whole point of the game is to have some fun, I mean we are talking about BAD art anyway…right?
Tell me what you really think, and really let go of “thinking about art” and have some fun with it.
If it needs flying pigs, UFO’s or rainbow fairies…let me know!
So, are you ready to play?
Here is my first Super BAD art for you to play with:

Two Faced Tree
18″ x 24″
HMBT 2006
click to enlarge, be careful now, don’t hurt yourself!
*Giant Grins*
Let’s play!
PS. my blogger spell check isn’t working (ARGH!) so, please forgive any typos or misspellings you may find.