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I cannot feel good about being a woman unless you feel bad about being a man. I cannot be proud of being black unless you are ashamed of being white. I cannot respect myself for being gay unless you are embarrassed that you are straight. Tolerance has been put by the boards; it is a stale and bitter thing and we will have none of it. Equality, likewise; is condescending at best and in truth intended to demean. If I am to achieve the inner harmony and self-respect that is my due, it will not suffice for you and I to be equals. No! Nothing less than superiority will make me happy. And to ensure that I make my point, I shall commend your libraries to the flames, rewrite your histories, purge your dictionaries, and arm the thought police with power to enforce political correctness in all speech and apprehension.

~Joseph R. Garber
Just something I thought was interesting…the Orwellian thought police…and the whole freedom of speech issue that’s the hot topic of the moment here in the states.
I am working on the painting today, tending children and taking clients….
don’t have much to say…seems I don’t have anything to pull out of my magic hat…
so just have a good saturday,
one and all.