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5 things about meme list…
because my good buddy
tagged me…
Ok…well as of today this is my 788th post, so I am going to have to really think hard to find 5 things I have not already spilled my guts on at some point already so if any of these are a repeat of something you already know…too BAD!
Here we go:
1. Let’s see…Ummm…I’m stalling here, I am a science fiction nut. I have a huge collection of books and movies about everything to do with sci-fi stuff…but I don’t like Star Trek. I also don’t like horror movies or gory stories…unless they are set in space or a Galaxy far, far away.
2. I have a weather ankle. Yes you read that right…I can predict the weather at any time with 100% accuracy by the way my left ankle feels. Mate Man is always saying I could be the best paid weather person in the world…because my ankle never lies. Can I get a close up on my ankle please? Yep folks it looks like it’s going to rain.
3. I can’t use public restrooms. They gross me out…no matter how clean they are. I even have a hard time using hotel bathrooms and sleeping on hotel beds…eeewww!
4. I can’t forget anything I read or watch. I learn new things best by being shown how to do them…or reading how to do them. When I want to learn something new, I get a book on the subject and after the first attempt, I get it right…I can remember every book I have read in my life, not like quotable…like so and so said this on page whatever, but I can not re-read books or re watch movies because I never forget what happens and that’s just no fun for me. If I have seen a movie before…for the rest of my life I can tell you what the movie is by listening to the first few minutes of the soundtrack, without seeing the screen…like within the first minute that is.
5. I would win survivor because I can find food anywhere. I know all about edible plants and how to find them. I studied biology with a passion for years (20), and made my living as a garden designer, and organic farmer. My speciality was edible gardens, and because I have lived in many states and types of climates I have learned about what is edible and how to prepare it, for just about everywhere, I studied world biology for the fun of it. I also have this thing about survival…if anything ever happens to the world and I make it, I want to know how to walk through the woods or fields or what have you…and be able to eat and heal myself and my family…so for about ten years I dedicated myself to learning everything I could learn about survival in any situation…how to start a fire with no matches and wet wood, how to eat, how to build shelter, how to make pots and pans, how to build a small boat or raft, basket weaving, how to make clothes, how to hunt and store foods, how to make clean drinking water, what herbs and plant life will heal ailments and how to prepare them…and so on. I also took several dozen courses on emergency first aid and life rescue. I have backpacks set up for survival in the hall closet for all of us so if the world goes to hell in a handbag… we can walk away and make it. It makes me feel better knowing I can do this, that way I can live my life not worrying about what might happen. I know…this is weird…whatever.
OK, that’s my five.
I am going to tag…
On your mark, get set…Go!
Have a good day all…I am still working on the final details (almost done) of the show, and I have about four tons of housework to catch up on today so…off I go to get started on the exciting world of dust bunny round ups and a small laundry mountain to reach the summit on. Woohoo, my life is soooo glamorous!