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(above) Fairy World #3
‘The Bride’
Oils & Mixed Media
24″ X 18″
$285.00 + Shipping
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The problem is maddening. The thing you seek is so close, you feel you could reach out and touch it. You feel it is your immutable destiny to do so. You have not come this far and at such a cost merely to turn around and go back. There is a solution. Of this you are certain. Now, no longer a game of mass, a game of destiny, it has become, instead a contest of wills. You focus on That Which You Seek as if your gaze alone might bring it closer or narrow the distance between you. Just as it feels as if your mind itself will explode from the strain.
~Dave Sim


OK…so it’s not the end of the world, it’s just a problem, that’s all.

Here’s the story.

The big show that I have been working so freaking A hard on for three months, investing time and money and energy into and…at the expense of some other opportunities I might add…is still going to happen, but with some changes.

The well respected and very well known curator of the Gallery…has resigned in a huff because of a fight between herself and the board members.


Oy Farking Vey!

Shows are now being run by a bunch of ‘art volunteers’, until a new curator/director can be found. This means the contracts that she made with artists are being held and honored…with a few small changes (insert sarcasm here)…with her leaving she took all of her contacts with her, so the hella good promotions and advertising that she did…gone. No big splashy spreads on the front page of the newspaper and 100’s of patrons/collectors that she could count on for any show she wanted to really pump showing up on opening night. This is one of the big reasons I was so excited about this show in the first place…it’s a launching point for me into the world of collectors and big time galleries.

Two…the fantastic food and wine that would have been served at the opening…gone. Those were her contacts too.

Crap, art sells better with wine present…and Good wine too…another


Three…the solo show…gone…I will now share an opening night with three other artists from the smaller internal galleries within the gallery (not that I really mind this point too much, but still it does not do any of us artists any good that are involved…bah!) and the reception has been cut down from 5 hours to 2…and moved from a Saturday to a Thursday night because that’s the night the gallery stays open later anyway and it saves the board money, and it will be hosted by volunteers from the local community…who had to ask my name three times while talking to me, and had no idea what I do…how are they going to make sales? Right they are not…I will have two hours in which to schmooze and make sales, I can do that I am good at what I do…I have no fear about that but… on a Thursday night!?…gimme a break.

So, I spent yesterday pouting.

I let myself think bad thoughts, be pissy, and throw fits.

I thought about pulling my art from the showing and just getting to work on making something else happen.

I woke up this morning and am now working on getting over it…first step this ranting and raving blog post. Please excuse the mess…the BAD! Kitty has gone bat shit.

I have had a hard time getting into large “respected” galleries over the years…I am not a pedigree artist…so I must take opportunity when it comes along…I am not too good for this type of thing. I will still have it on my resume, and that’s a good thing and may open other gallery doors for me in the future. I might even make a sale or two…you never know and it’s never good to pre-judge the clientele…or you will talk yourself out of sales.

My ego is not that big. Oh, mind you I have a hell of an Ego…It’s a healthy beast.

It’s just not my ruling monster. I am a risk taker and willing to learn on the go. You have to roll with the punches and the show must go on. I am a professional, after all.

The gallery also informed me that I will have to hang the show myself (no problem as this is something I usually have to do anyway…I was looking forward to just dropping off my work and letting the magic happen…Oh well) and that the gallery % on sales may have to increase from what it was, that point has not been decided yet.

I informed them on this point, that I have a signed contract about the terms…and they should do what is needed for the galleries survival…and if the other artists will hand over more money then that’s all well in good…I however will not be doing that…because

I Have A Contract.

They took that pretty well…I think.

So…I am placing the new works online for sale…and I am still thinking hard about the right and wrong thing for me to do…the part about not reveling the work to public before the show opening has been lifted, because as I was told…I need to look into promoting the show myself at my own expense…to help out…and I will…for me to spend money to make money…I have to sell work, that’s the way BAD! Kitty operates. It is called BAD! Kitty after all…not the I’m nice and want to make it so please walk all over me because I am stupid kitty studio.

I have been in large galleries before…it’s just been awhile, and with moving into the new area…I need to make a name for myself here in this local part of the berg…that don’t mean I’ll take scraps though…or spend a bunch of money I don’t have to promote a gallery that maybe going tits up because they have an uptight board of directors that want to see more profits under any circumstance in this time when galleries large and small are having a hard time keeping the doors open at all.


So that’s my rant for the day.

I am now going to take pictures of the works for the show…and post them for you all to see…and place them on the site for sale as well.

So stay tuned for more pictures…and great prices on large works…

because this Kitty needs a sale…it’s been three months and I need a sale soon.

That is all.

Have a good day,

and come back later for a picture blog post

of the Fairy World Show.

Over and out.