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This collection of 5 works is a visual representation of the sometimes messy, sometimes silly, sometimes chaotic, peaceful, creative and emotional places human minds can be. The artists have whole universes they travel to discover their messages, artworks and stories they bring to life. In other words, the artists spend a lot of time space trucking with SOURCE energy, translating, transcribing, transmuting the human condition.  Being self taught adventures in the fields of self exploration, interpersonal discovery, radical acceptance, restorative healing, questioning everything, radical truth, spiritual education and chaos riding, the artists transmuted their inner space into a interactive sculpture series, made to be explored, loved and touched, throughly. 

Each of the works has their own storage box and COA’s. 

This series is closed. There will only be 5 of these works. In future years the artists have talked about doing one for each year, in the future, they are lucky enough to live through.  

Head Games #1

Head Games #2

Head Games #3

Head Games #4

Head Games #5

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