The Head Games Series – art by HAWA


Heather &William Alley (HAWA) present their newest body of work, the Head Games Series.

These 20 works will be available here online and at the OutDoor Art Gallery that opens in NE Portland, Oregon, in June of 2021!

The 20 work series include:

The Head Games, The Treasure Heads, Don’t Lose Your Marbles and

 The Fortune Cookie Readers.

Each collection has 5 one of a kind, interactive art sculptures.

Each of the collections serve a propose, as well as being beautiful and captivating.

Made of the finest clay from Spain and coated in glossy resin, they have been created for a lifetime of enjoyment.

We are so excited to share the series and see everyone at the OutDoor Art Gallery in June, we think this years work is going to blow your, well…your mind! 


Each of these five works holds a starter pack of crystals, lucky coins and love. They came to life to hold your personal treasures! Life in the Pacific NW, usually includes many yearly trips to the coast and mountains. The artists, like their friends the crows, are drawn to shiny things, pretty rocks, the occasional lucky penny, angel feathers and sea shells. In the art studio there are jars and containers full of these findings. Each little treasure is a memory, a moment of bliss or wonderment. A remembrance for those people or places we’ve lost. 

Just like the tradition of giving a wallet as a gift, we would never  offer YOU an empty treasure head, that’s unthinkable! So, while they appear to be full to the brim, there is plenty of room for your personal treasures too! 

We hope you’ll enjoy stuffing your head with your most special shiny, pretty and important treasures. 

There are only 5 of these works at this time and the artists have left it an open series for the year of 2021, they may or may not make more of them. It’s a mystery! 


Remember playing games? Did you ever play marbles? Yeah, us either, were born in the 70’s, not 1930’s! When the pause happened last year and the world got quiet and dark, we rediscovered our passion for games and playing, in general. These 5 playful works embrace the art of play and good old sarcasm. They have enough beautiful glass marbles and shooters for 4 people to play! They come with their own boxes and velvet bags for the 160+ marbles. We even included a little info about playing marbles, you know just in case you were also not born in the 30’s!

We also love the visual metaphor of these works. The old saying “losing my marbles” was a staple for both of us growing up and as we played our way through this collection, we found ourselves laughing at the absurdity of modern life and felt the pull of simple pleasures and a return to simple fun. We hope you’ll playfully enjoy them too. 

The artists have left this series open until the end of 2021.


These 5 works are HAWA’s latest invention, The Fortune Cookie Readers. They softly glow, because all good things glow from within, dontcha know? With their battery powered LED lights they can create 16 colors and variations of light play. The crystal balls are photographers balls. Which means they are magical and allow you to read or look at anything you place inside the head. The artists discovered it was perfect for reading the tiny print on those fortune cookies we all get. The special ones we keep, it’s a human thing and eventually we lose them, also a human thing. These golden and happy heads are thrilled to be your reader and keeper! You won’t even need your glasses! Each head comes with a couple different fortune cookies, you know, to get you started. They come with their own custom storage boxes and batteries ARE included. These works will be a new friend in your world, always ready to light the way and remind you of all the good things and times in your life, no matter how small. Seriously, you can look down through the top of these balls and see anything, pictures, fortune cookies, messages….what’s in your head? Fantastic way for roommates, lovers and parents to communicate messages to each other, play with them! Interactive, immersive, magical and completely new in the world, there are only 5 in existence. The Artists have left this series open until the end of 2021.  



This collection of 5 works is a visual representation of the sometimes messy, sometimes silly, sometimes chaotic, peaceful, creative and emotional places human minds can be. The artists have whole universes they travel to discover their messages, artworks and stories they bring to life. In other words, the artists spend a lot of time space trucking with SOURCE energy, translating, transcribing, transmuting the human condition.  Being self taught adventures in the fields of self exploration, interpersonal discovery, radical acceptance, restorative healing, questioning everything, radical truth, spiritual education and chaos riding, the artists transmuted their inner space into a interactive sculpture series, made to be explored, loved and touched, throughly. 

Each of the works has their own storage box and COA’s. 

This series is closed. There will only be 5 of these works. In future years the artists have talked about doing one work each year, in the future, that they are lucky enough to stay alive to see.   

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