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This page is to showcase Heather Alley’s (HA!) artworks.  Please  email: tribealley@gmail.com to inquire about purchase of any of the works below.

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#1 of 3 8 Ways to Sunday HA! 2015 oils 24#3 of 3 from the painting

8 Ways to Sunday  HA! 2015 Oils 24″ x 30″ (each canvas, 3 total)  

8 ways to Sunday is a 3 canvas work. All the paintings were painted at the same time, each being rotated a half turn every time the were worked on, over the months of production. Carefully I created them to be interchangeable, turned in any direction and lined up in any direction and still relate to each other perfectly. Every edge meets every edge in someway so the combination’s of the works are endless. I have always wanted art that changes with me. This is an example of interactive and ever changing art. All works can be separated and hung and still stand alone as well. This takes up A LOT of wall space, be aware this is an extra, extra large work of art. It is vibrant in tone but soft in execution so it has a flow state from deceptive calm (building) to transition of insanity (learning) to explosion of exuberance and joy (discovery and exploration). I hope you enjoy. More pictures of this work are available upon request, please contact us.

Prints and products of this painting are available on our RED BUBBLE site.

HA! 2015 24

Resonance HA! 2015 Oils 24″ x 36″   

Oil painting is hard work. Sitting with yourself is hard work. Being a being in this now is hard work. This is resonance. After asking myself the same question every day, before I began my work on this painting, “are you awake?”, this was the answer that came back. “yes”. It’s all there, the inner landscape. If you listen, with your eyes, you can hear the creation story being whispered. The weather is nice this time of year here. Join me.

Prints and products of this painting are available on our RED BUBBLE site.

HA! 2015 oils 24

I’ll Meet You There  HA! 2015  Oils   24″ x 30″   SOLD

I had cancer. Kidney, liver and lungs were involved. I almost didn’t make it. I was planning my will and I was sad for my family. While in the act of making choices about my last days…I had this amazing image pop into my mind. The peaceful and mysterious clearing. The light in the distance, home. I wrote letters to my boys, in each of them I told them, “it’s ok, I’ll meet you there, at the clearing and we will celebrate.” I became unafraid to die. Two weeks after this eventful period…I started to recover. It was and still is a miracle. I painted this painting this year, right after I was given the “cancer free” status. I will always be grateful for living but I am also unafraid of the dying, because, I know, I’ll meet you there…again, someday. With love.

Prints and products of this painting are available on our RED BUBBLE site.

HA! 2015 oils 18
Big Self HA!  2015  Oils  18″ x 24″  

Big Self is painting about our highest selves. That little voice, that gut feeling, those words we don’t say, the words we use to talk about ourselves, the beliefs that raise and lower us and those ancient wounds. We all have them, like ghosts floating in the backwaters of our lives. I wanted to talk about them. I think they are holding us back in so many ways. I painted the figure at the gates, the first gate, the inner gateway we all have to our learning our purpose and meaning in this world. This is a chunky, thick painting. The paint is piled up and scraped away, kind of like the work our souls go through to become. Transcendence of the little self to become all of the bigger possibilities, what’s better than that? I hope you enjoy.

 Elephant Nebula 18


Elephant Nebula  HA!  2015 18″ x 24″  Oils  SOLD

This painting evolved from a black and white elephant that was very nice on his own, to the discovery of such a thing called the “elephant nebula” from Hubble. I overlaid the image of the nebula in order to correctly place the major star groups and then painted the nebula freestyle, in rich jewel toned glazes. I loved the end result, I hope you enjoy his mystical presence as well.

HA! 2015 Reflection 20


Reflection   Oils   HA!  2015  20″ x 16″  

Reflections is a work about the past. Like the mountain and it’s ever changing reflection, it remains where it is. Heavy. Ancient. Only eroded by the passage of time, like the breeze, carried by a bird that flies over the top of the mountain, once every thousand years. As we become more human, more whole, more brave, more…as we become more, we know that the mountains remain and we may return from time to time to marvel at the view, but we are free to roam this earth and our own souls, until it is time for the final ascent up the mountain for the last time. I’ll meet you there with joy and love for you and this amazing journey called life. I hope you enjoy.

prayer (2) HA! 2015Prayer

oils  HA! 2015



Birthday Moon HA! 2015
Birthday Moon HA! 2015

Birthday Moon HA! 2015 oils 16″ x 20″

Journey Within HA! 2015
Journey Within HA! 2015

Journey Within HA! 2015 Oils 22″ x 28″

Electric Universe HA! 2015 Oils
Electric Universe-SOLD
HA! 2015 Oils

Electric Universe -SOLD- HA! 2015 oils 16″ x 20″

Let it begin with me  24″ x 24″ x 1″ oils HA! 2016
Sweet Release 3 10″ x 12″ x .5″ canvas oils HA! 2016-SOLD
Abby & Emma visit the MultiVerse Fair 24″ x 30″ x 2″ oils HA! 2016
The Mermaid oils 24″ x 30″ x 1″ 2016 HA!
I’ll watch the world with you 40″ x 30″ x 2″ oils HA! 2016


002 (1024x1024)
Under the Origami Sun All the Accidents Lie 24″ x 24″x 2″ oils HA! 2016
Counting the days of Actual Living oils 16″ x 20″ x 2″ HA! 2016
Listen oils 24″ x 28″ x 1″ HA! 2016
Dare you 24″ x 30″ x 2″ oils HA! 2016
The Story Teller 24″ x 30″ x 2″ oils HA! 2016
The Tempest 16″x 20″ oils HA! 2016

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