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Don’t Lose Your Marbles Collection

Remember playing games? Did you ever play marbles? Yeah, us either, were born in the 70’s, not 1930’s! When the pause happened last year and the world got quiet and dark, we rediscovered our passion for games and playing, in general. These 5 playful works embrace the art of play and good old sarcasm. They have enough beautiful glass marbles and shooters for 4 people to play! They come with their own boxes and velvet bags for the 160+ marbles. We even included a little info about playing marbles, you know just in case you were also not born in the 30’s!

We also love the visual metaphor of these works. The old saying “losing my marbles” was a staple for both of us growing up and as we played our way through this collection, we found ourselves laughing at the absurdity of modern life and felt the pull of simple pleasures and a return to simple fun. We hope you’ll playfully enjoy them too. 

The artists have left this series open until the end of 2021.

Don't Lose Your Marbles #4

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