Quiet Warrior

Quiet Warrior

Laminated collage

8″ x 10″


Here’s the words I wrote to go with this work (yes I am quoting myself now) :

The Quiet Warrior

I am not Average.
I am not Afraid.
I am not Small.
I am not Unlovable.
I am not Leave-able.
I am not Avoiding my future.
I am not just a Gender.
I am not a definition of Anything.
I am not Exploitable.
I am not a Number.
I am not going to ever give up.
I am not just a Human.
I am not a Prophet.
I am not your Messiah.
I am not afraid to be my own God.
I am not unethical.
I am not a liar.
I am not what you think.
I am not Ordinary.
I am not afraid to go First.
I am Me and that is good
and enough.
I am a machine of love
programed for living.

copyright HMBT 2007

Happy Hump day everyone.

This work is from a series of laminated collages I did last year. They are all fun, lightweight, easy to slip into a standard frame, and really chock full of imagery. Take your time and really look at this work, there is a lot going on.

That’s about all from me today, I’ve got to get ready for my day. I’m out here…moving, grooving and shaking the earth. I hope something happens today that I can lay down tonight, and feel really good about. So, to whatever Gods or Goddesses that are on duty up there today: I am only asking for a good thing, not the world on a platter, just one good thing.

Have a wonderful day everyone,


The fine print:

Quiet Warrior

8″ x 10″

Laminated paper collage

$25.00 + shipping (inside the USA, shipping will run about $4.00 maybe less)

Please Email me HERE for purchase or for a free shipping quote to anywhere in the world.



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