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Hey everyone! I hope this finds you well. I have been down for a few weeks, things have been a bit harder to do than usual.

Life is  sticky sometimes. As usual, I can not, will not, have never been, stopped. I can only ever be delayed. 🙂 *wink*

I put my thinking cap on and decided, until this passes what was at hand that needed doing, that I can actually do? Well, as you can see, it was the web site. I hope you like the new digs and that you are finding all the stuff here. I am still tweaking and learning how to self host, like a bad ass, so bear with us as the learning curve is steep indeed. I feel pretty good about it all so far though. We will now be able to act on the ideas in our heads, better and with greater speed. We have some events and shows planned for the summer months, in the studio. Saying we are excited about the months ahead, would be an understatement. 🙂 *grins* Continue reading “New Artwork New Web Site New Everything”

New Work- first times-alien encounters

Hey everyone. *waves* I have been working at a slow steady pace over here, not one to belabor a point, simply put, I continue.

I am pretty happy with this new work, (yet untitled) for a few reasons. For a start this was a double first time! At Christmas, I received 2 birch wood  cradles from my oldest son and his lovely girlfriend. First #1, I got to learn how to paint on bare, smooth, beautifully finished, soak up my paint and teach me a new world, wood. It was awesome. I loved it. These are super nice and thick substrates…new favorite thing.

#2 new thing, I painted an alien! lol yup an alien. Well, I am one to approach new things with gusto and enthusiasm…if you want more background on this painting read the post here. 

On with the show shall we?


This is where you guys last saw her…I’ll show just the highlights from the completion. If you ever want to see every single progress shot as the works go together, please friend me in the social links! I do tons of stuff daily over there, being a retired performer, it is my way of sharing…interactive, performance painting, in a way.

OH, Good golly, Get On with it…

17342513_10155301048958714_540529420258633120_n (1).jpg


17457251_10155301792033714_3119861179851673821_n (1).jpg

I considered this stage…I still like her powder pale and may do this painting again just for that effect.

Annnnnnnnd…….BAM! she ended up here…


I had a lot of fun doing a double first time. I hope you enjoyed watching her come together, too. If you are interested in her deets, here ya go:

“alien girl” (that’s what I’ve been calling her for now…)

16″ x 20″ x 2″

Oils on Birch wood cradle

HA! 2017

$275.00 USD + Shipping

Painted sides, COA & comes ready to hang if you think she belongs to you.

When she is dry, that is.

Big Love

<3 HA!

P.S. don’t forget, we offer art-lay-a-way plans, tailored to fit any budget. We make it easy to own original art. <3

Girl, where are you from?

*New fine art in progress*  **Squeeee!****

Bill mentioned that at one stage in another little studio work, that the woman looked like an alien. (she is the last image at the end of this post and the inspiration for this fine artwork)

My brain went *bing!*

Of course we talked the rest of the evening, we talked about what an alien-human hybrid might look like.

Next morning, she showed up. This is my first alien encounter and so far, I am loving it. She is sweet.

She is still unnamed and is 16″ x 20″ x 2″ birch wood cradle oils. I hope she turns out awesome…yay! for the adventure!

Join me, won’t you? Lets see what happens next! Love always HA!

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17264393_10155282789773714_611461172839825245_n (1).jpg17361580_10155283781538714_2769669825196715751_n.jpg17353356_10155286056408714_5687253432983911389_n.jpg17352171_10155287072378714_8037632092386883029_n.jpg



Above image is the little studio work untitled at the moment, I have been calling her “wild woman” lol 12″ x 16″ x .5″ oils & mixed media *Brave Heart Art Project painting* Make me an offer you can afford for “wild woman” hit the link to learn more about the Brave Heart Art Project (and social experiment) 


Brave Heart Art Project


The Brave Heart Art Project: aka ask for what you want. We dare you. 🙂 <3 

Being brave takes practice. Being brave enough to practice has to start somewhere…somehow. Asking for what you want. How easy/hard is that for you? Is it a challenge? It is for me. I am practicing my way with…asking. I am practicing the art manifestation through co-creation and radical acceptance.  I am practicing, allowing myself the be the soft bodied creature I am. I am learning. I am here to thrive. I am here to expand, create and love. Who do I want to be? What do I want to contribute to this world?


I want to resonate love. I want to be guided by love, brave free love. For no good reason and for all the reasons…there is no other way (for me), if it is to be, it is up to me.

Brave Heart Art is super simple. I offer studio works to the world, the world can take a look and if moved…can pay what they can afford, ask for what they want…and get it. Sounds easy, right? We are all trained to acquire…everything we want/need/desire. We are trained consumers. Is it easy for you to ask  for something for yourself?

  1. Look at the artwork 🙂 and pick one that speaks to you.
  2. Email or comment here (get in touch) what painting (work) you’d like to have, offer us the price you can actually afford, including shipping)
  3. We will talk, I will happily give free no strings attached, shipping quotes if you need that number to make your offer, we understand. Buyer then pays through the secure PayPal invoice I will send to you and BAM! your new art, is on it’s way to you within 2 business days! *Locals are always welcome to come to the studio, have coffee, pick up the work  and get a hug, if you are willing. 🙂 We also can work on other means of payment…like barter/trade. Go ahead, throw it out there see what happens!
  4. That’s it.

The fine art will remain what it is. I am looking for the path of least resistance, I feel a sense of urgency to make as much room as possible for the work to just be completed, to be created, to be approached, in essence…I just need to make the art.

Tick, tock goes the clock, on us all. I just want to make all the art inside of me before it is over…while I still have time. 🙂

Take a look, for now the Brave Heart Art project is ongoing, unending and will be updated with current studio works, weekly. Offer what you can afford, ask for what you want and get it. It is my way of practicing my asking skills, too. I need supplies, constantly. I have work to do. It cost money to make good art. It’s imperative (to me anyway) to do my work, use my voice, be who I AM to be. My one chance at this consciousness gig and I will not waste it. Not one drop of that precious stuff. Stressing out all the time over the “grind” (i.e marketing, selling, pushing stones uphill, striving for recognition & excellence, ect.) …takes up room in my head, room I’d rather rent out, to the making of good things in the world. I really want to strive for authenticity, instead of excellence. That feels good to me. This feels good to me. Let’s just let the feel good roll. I love experimenting, I think maybe I can pay the bills…with love. I think maybe, we already do.
Because Love is the reason…for me, it is all there is and all that I am.

As always, I’m all in. HA! <3

Include the title of the painting you want and your shipping zip code so I can get a shipping price for you, right away. I can’t offer free shipping, but I do not use shipping as part of my business model, either. I do my own professional packing (over a decade now, 100’s of artworks shipped internationally) I only charge actual costs, no mark up or handling charges. I pack light and tight so the work arrives fast, cheap and safe.

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Sun Daze 12″ x 16″ oils HA! 2017
“Electric Flow State” 20″ x 16″ oils HA! 2017
“Sea Glass Fan” 12″ x 16″ oils HA! 2017
“Honey from the Thorn” 12″ x 16″ oils HA! 2017

Michael Zaugg Photography DSC_6000.jpg

Mech Mad Hatter- Wearable steam punk top hat and hatstand. Hat measures 9″ tall by 23″ (ish) diameter. (It fits my adult average sized head) The stand is 15.5″ tall without the hat. With the hat on the stand it measures 24″ tall. The black ribbon hatband is calk ribbon. You can write on it and wipe it away…so cool. HA! Mixed media functional sculpture 2017


17265136_10155283555228714_1110168821307236025_n“Wild One” 12″ x 16″ x.5″ oils & mixed media HA! 2017


“You don’t ask a Goddess her name” 9″ x 14″ x .5″ Oils HA! 2017



Is it Studio art or Fine Art?

Hello art fans, how are you doing this week? I hope this post finds you well, I really do.

Back in the studio, life has calmed back down, post show. It took a solid 2 weeks for my body to recover, almost anyway. Good enough for government work, so I am back at the easel. Next show, we will be hosting in our home studio, I don’t imagine that show will wear me out any less, because it’ll be a big deal too…but at least I’ll be in my special chair so I will hold up better overall.

We are still working on the inspiration idea of taking unfinished (or stuck) paintings, running them through various free, art apps and then gaining new inspiration to finish the works. Its been great for liberating the MoJo. We post daily shots of work in the studio on our  social media feed (links are also in the side bar to the right, please come join us!) and it got us to thinking about the differences in our “studio work” and the Fine Art that we produce. I will take a moment here to explain,

We often get called prolific in our work by observers. In our studio we are two full time, with paying day jobs, artists. We are also working full time hours in the studio. I work from home so I do my day job, while I do art. I’m awesome like that, not really, in my job I talk on the phone all day as an intuitive counselor. It’s a stressful, emotionally speaking and physically too. Stress is hard on the system, so if I can…I paint while I talk. I’ve been working this way for 10 years now. Bill, works for Portland parks during the day as a Horticulturist, so physically demanding for sure. He works in studio in the evenings and like wildfire every weekend. Now, to my point…

As professionals, we work when we have ideas and when we don’t. We work. A lot. We use top grade fine art paint for everything. However…not all substrates are equal.

Studio works, in our place, are works done on the cheaper quality, student grade canvas. These are sturdy, lightweight wood frame canvas that are back stapled for clean sides. Just a step up in quality from craft but still a professional looking finished substrate. Being that they are middle grade on the canvas side of things, we don’t expect them to last more than a few decades. They are more temporal works in nature, we are working on theory, design, concept and color palettes…we are both self taught artists so some of these works will also fall into the category of “learning or experimenting” .  This is where we play, learn and grow. These works are usually not signed on the front but will be signed on the backside. We do not offer COA’s with studio works. They have painted sides and are sealed, ready to hang. Great stuff happens all the time but as artists trying to create a body of work…not all studio works will “level-up”.

Fine Art is done after the ideas are worked out and most problems (conceptually) have been solved. We jump to the expensive, museum grade canvas. These are heavy, deep box frames with fine linen canvas, usually back spline (like the stuff that goes around your window screens) sometimes back stapled, canvas. These canvas’s can cost between 50.00 -150.00 each. When you paint something that expensive…you want to have at least a plan. Making fine art, it’s expensive. We expect these fine artworks to last a lifetime, and we prepare and finish them with that in mind. These works are signed front and back. They come with proper documentation (COA) and copyrights.  These works are “cured” (a professional grade sealing for oil paints) and ready to hang.

We always use the very best quality, professional oil paints, 75%  Gamblin the other  25% various brands for specific colors, on all the works.

Studio works can be sold for…well whatever, they don’t really have a price point. If something good happens we take professional pictures for prints or alterations later and sell the studio’s or gift them. We love our work, we make a lot of it to find the Fine Art! We can produce a 100 studio works for every 25-30 fine works, finished. Studio works are done fast, usually within a day or a few hours. Small, fast and furious. Fine artworks can take weeks or even months to complete, hundreds of hours sometimes.

We do work a lot, we do crank out a ton of artwork, we have too…if we don’t our brains will burst into flames. No lie. We are professionals. We work jobs for a living…we create art to live. We live for art. We never let anything get between us and the making. Salty or sweet, we work. That’s the artists life…if in doubt, go work it out (in the studio).

I hope that helps everyone understand how we can have some works, where we are like…”what can you afford to give me for it?” (studio works) and this is “a set price artwork”. If we spend months of hard work to create something, we deserve to be paid for our skill and time, just like any professional.

We stay full of passion by selling the studio works for whatever the buyer can afford because we can! It’s awesome! We love selling our work and knowing people got all excited about something we did, is. the. stuff! It keeps our creative “gas tanks” FULL.


Wanna see a visual example? 🙂 MKay, I gotchya.


the bottom part of the above image is the original untouched studio painting that’s been around too long.The top image is the same painting after computer processing.


(above) this is the first stage of alteration, after computer assisted “re-inspiration”. This is a studio work, I have a few hours of playtime invested so far. Oils 20″ x 16″ 17191017_10155250357208714_4107695848454147302_n.jpg

This image (above) Is a fine artwork on a deep, huge canvas. the top part of the image is the original and the bottom is processed. I have about 25 hours into it already and I got stuck…about 2 months ago, been staring at it forever…argh! Oils 24″ x 32″ x 2″




I got unstuck! I didn’t end up using the inspiration rework at all…I just needed a kick start.

I am looking forward to the finish of this one! I love painting shadows…love, love, love!

So, that’s all from me today, I gotta get to work as I have a huge amount of money to raise before I can pay the tax man this year…omg, wish me luck. 🙂

Love always, HA! <3