Brave Heart Art Project

Simple. Easy. No Hassle No Fuss. We Get it. 

The Brave Heart Art Project: aka ask for what you want. We dare you. 🙂 <3 

Being brave takes practice. Being brave enough to practice has to start somewhere…somehow. Asking for what you want. How easy/hard is that for you? Is it a challenge? It is for me. I am practicing my way with…asking. I am practicing the art of manifestation through co-creation and radical acceptance.  I am practicing, allowing myself the be the soft bodied creature I am.

Who do I want to be? What do I want to contribute to this world?

I am learning. I am here to thrive. I am here to expand, create and love.

I want to resonate love. I want to be guided by love, brave free love. For no good reason and for all the reasons…there is no other way. (for me)

Brave Heart Art is super simple. I offer studio works to the world, the world can take a look and if moved…can pay what they can afford, ask for what they want…and get it. Sounds easy, right? We are all trained to acquire…everything we want/need/desire. We are trained consumers. Is it easy for you to ask  for something for yourself?

  1. Look at the artwork 🙂 and pick one that speaks to you.
  2. Email or comment here (get in touch) what painting (work) you’d like to have, offer us the price you can actually afford, including shipping)
  3. We will talk, I will happily give free no strings attached, shipping quotes if you need that number to make your offer, we understand. Buyer then pays through the secure PayPal invoice I will send and BAM!  new art is on it’s way to you within 2 business days!
  4. *Locals are always welcome to come to the studio, have coffee, pick up the work  and get a hug, if you are willing. 🙂 We also can work on other means of payment…like barter/trade. Go ahead, throw it out there see what happens! That’s it. Simple.

The fine art will remain what it is. I am looking for the path of least resistance, I feel a sense of urgency to make as much room as possible for the work to just be completed, to be created, to be approached, in essence…I just need to make the art.

Tick, tock goes the clock, on us all. I just want to make all the art inside of me before it is over…while I still have time. 🙂

Take a look, for now the Brave Heart Art project is ongoing, unending and will be updated with current studio works, weekly. Offer what you can afford, ask for what you want and get it. It is my way of practicing my asking skills, too. I need supplies, constantly. I have work to do. It cost money to make good art. It’s imperative (to me) to do my work, use my voice, be who I AM to be. My one chance at this consciousness gig and I will not waste it. Not one drop of that precious stuff. Stressing out all the time over the “grind” (i.e marketing, selling, pushing stones uphill, striving for recognition & excellence, ect.) …takes up room in my head, room I’d rather rent out, to the making of good things in the world. I really want to strive for authenticity, instead of excellence. That feels good to me. This feels good to me. Let’s just let the feel good roll. I love experimenting, I think maybe I can pay the bills…with love. I think maybe, we already do.
As always, I’m all in. HA! <3

Include the title of the painting you want and your shipping zip code so I can get a shipping price for you, right away. I can’t offer free shipping, but I do not use shipping as part of my business model, either. I do my own professional packing (over a decade now, 100’s of artworks shipped internationally) I only charge actual costs, no mark up or handling charges. I pack light and tight so the work arrives fast, cheap and safe.

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Nautilus Dreams Oil Painting by HA! 2017

20″ x 16′ x .5″

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Sun Daze 12″ x 16″ oils HA! 2017 (SOLD)
“Electric Flow State” 20″ x 16″ oils HA! 2017

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“Sea Glass Fan” 12″ x 16″ oils HA! 2017

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“Honey from the Thorn” 12″ x 16″ oils HA! 2017

Michael Zaugg Photography DSC_6000.jpg

Mech Mad Hatter- Wearable steam punk top hat and hatstand. Hat measures 9″ tall by 23″ (ish) diameter. (It fits my adult average sized head) The stand is 15.5″ tall without the hat. With the hat on the stand it measures 24″ tall. The black ribbon hatband is calk ribbon. You can write on it and wipe it away…so cool. HA! Mixed media functional sculpture 2017


17265136_10155283555228714_1110168821307236025_n“Wild One” 12″ x 16″ x.5″ oils & mixed media HA! 2017


“You don’t ask a Goddess her name” 9″ x 14″ x .5″ Oils HA! 2017


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