Close up of Mississippi Grrrl
Oil Pastels and collage (2007)
Ok, I’ve been tagged by a bunch of people, I’ve played this game over the years about a dozen times, so there’s not much left to tell…but I will give it a go. I’m not tagging anyone else, so if you wanna be tagged…well, just wait five minutes someone will get you. 🙂
1. I hate the idea of feet touching me. This is why I had a hard time making it as a MLT, because people came to me with stinky feet and I washed every ones feet before I touched them…it was a hassle, but my clients loved it because they thought I was just being nice and kept coming in with really gross feet. I had to call it quits after awhile. (I know, I know)
2. I don’t drink pop or let anyone in my house drink pop, I am the pop- a- nator.
3. I hate black eyed peas, cauliflower and brussel sprouts.
4. I don’t like to shop at all, I will go shopping with a list and a timer, get in, get out.
5. I make all my Christmas presents every year, and have been doing handmade Christmas’s for over 10 years.
6. I don’t like girl clothes or shoes, (off the rack) they cost more, don’t fit me, and wear out faster. So I buy most of my clothes second hand, spiff them up with embellishments, and I wear men’s shoes/boots. I do love my skirts and dresses (for the summer time), and I buy them from people who make clothing. I love hats, the funnier the better and I wear them all the time just to make people smile at me in public.
7. Because of a stroke during childbirth (#3) I lost most of the vision in my right eye (I can see about 10% out of that eye, like looking at the world from under dark water), and have no depth perception at all in that eye. I can still hit a target at 60 yards with no sights (I am an archer, and I sight down the arrow) and put 6 arrows in the center of a target…all together, btw that’s a space the size of a quarter and at 60 yards looks like the size of a dime.
OK, I did it. No more tagging of me please!
Have a great day all.
Love, love, Love.