Ok…Fine I am making my own future…Creating my reality today. I am still working on trying to get OK with not being able to do it all, or get it all done. I am still trying to figure out how to be this creative woman, and still be able to keep the lights on. I am still trying to make myself sure that following my dreams is the right thing to do. If Quantum-ness holds true…Then seeing myself as already successful should do the trick. Somedays are better than others in this effort to live in the moment. I mean I want, I want, I want…but that is not the definition of me…my wants. My passion to create what moves me, to heal thru my abilities, to cope with reality…that is what defines me. My art is an example of that evolution…my writing a way to speak to myself, in clear terms.
Self to inner self: If you want it…go create it…go get it…go make it happen.
Inner self to self: Shut the hell up. Can’t you see I’m wallowing here?
So this is it…there is no dress rehearsal, and I am a Full Time artist…(with a part time day job) making my future one creation at a time…and the effort of that activity will change me…I welcome the change today.
Dear Universe it’s me…I’m still here.
I’ll post the Art of the day next….special price for the art of the day…so you don’t want to miss it.
Be bold!
Yours in truth,