This morning…I awoke from another strange dream…I was going to this school where everyone frowned and yelled all the time…and they were in B&W and I was in livid color. I kept trying to paint in this class where we were drawing a bowl of fruit…my fruit had legs and and heads and were being very fruity….and the teacher came over and started yelling at me about how I was doing it all wrong…the fruit needed to look just like the bowl on the table….I told him my fruit was my fruit…and that I was going to do it my way….then the alarm went off, the last thing I said in the dream was…”but I don’t want to be like everybody else!”

I paint, sculpt and freaking create everything, all the time….but ultimately…my masterpiece will be myself…not anything I put on a canvas or write down on paper…or have a degree in. I am learning about the real me…that’s a school there is no schedule for…no rules to follow…just feeling your way along, and trying to enjoy the ride. The human I am re-creating (in my own image, because need I remind you… I am the Queen of my own Universe…Tiny and infinite)
won’t come from a book, or a school of anykind that we know of…my ultimate creation is the best me I can become….I am working on it.

Today…Filled with action packed, thrills a minute…Tedium. Finish working on the studio, do my day job, get the kids to and from school, go to the tire company and spend some more money I don’t have on my van, go to Costco (better known as the warehouse of hell around here) to get dog, cat and people food, and plan something good for dinner…also finding the joy in every freaking ordinary moment….looking for the treasure today…looking under every ordinary rock, I will report back from the front lines later…if I’m not back in 6 hours…I ran away, don’t come looking, send no one…I might not be back.
Where is that plane ticket to the Islands again?!…I know I put it somewhere…Oh yeah…No…I’m ging to Costco…why don’t you just pull my fingernails out one by one instead? OK?
Being the grown-up sucks…but I know at my 10 year reunion…I looked happier than these folks here in the picture do…do you think any of them ever had good sex…even once? I mean look at their faces…Priceless. My life…just got better looking afterall.
Have a good day folks, art of the day up next.