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Dream State Series #2
‘Waking the Soul Power’
24′ X 24″
Was $475.00 NOW $200.00 + Shipping
Multi-media wall sculpture
More about this work:
The Dream State Series started
out of my need to understand my inner voice.
I can hear it, beating a steady back-beat in my mind.
I can feel it in my feet when I am dancing,
creating, and breathing fire.
So, when I closed my eyes and grabbed
a handful of plaster, this is what happened.
I used found objects, feathers,
costume jewelry, vintage lace, and oils.
This painting placed in the
top five in an International Mixed Media Event, in 2005.
Waking the Soul Power is the face
that I have given to my inner voice.
I guess my inner voice is a dark skinned,
tribal warrior woman.
That works for me.
What does the face of your inner voice look like?
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