BAD! Kitty is on the road again.
Ok, so we are on the move again.
Nothing to hold us here in this place and time,
this isn’t what I hoped it would be,
for myself or my family…
so we press on
to the great unknown.
I will be traveling for the next three to four days, to
our new home, and wanted to let you all know.
I will be back in communication
in about 1 week or less.
Stay tuned for adventure stories, kavetching,
and general in the know stuff,
coming soon. I will have a new show
to tell you all about when I come back…that plan is in the works.
So, my new local area residents will be able
to come and see what I do.
Bad! Kitty has now left the building.
I am going to find me a place
where I don’t know a soul,
where I am not counting on anyone
but me and mine…
and start life over again
with faith, courage
and Bad!-ness.
Watch out world,
Here I come.