Bad! Kitty Quote for the Day!
Good Morning.
I have survived another year of thanksgiving. Let me be clear…it was a fest of tremendous proportions, Mate Man makes the best (I think he should win awards for his cooking abilities) in the Universe Turkey…Period.
We all ate till we thought we would explode…then all of fell asleep “watching” the after dinner movie. It was a great day…I never eat that much anyway…but it was so good, my kids were freaking out when I went back for seconds…they have never seen me do that before.
I eat child size portions….these days that’s what they call them here in Super Size America…but growing up we had Man size helping and Girl Plates….three or four bites of everything…so I never clean my plate…because I can’t eat that much food at a time…and I live with four men, who really believe in the Man sized plate of food.
Watching them eat…it’s a wonder.
Anyway, it was a great day and I loved all of it.
We eat pretty low on the food chain in this house…we have our own little organic garden that we take everywhere with us…yes it’s portable. Being an old, retired organic farmer myself…(I’m not really old, but I am retired) I can’t stand shopping in the grocery stores…and our food always tastes better. Even in Winter we have fresh greens and herbs and such. It’s great…but on Holidays and special occasions we will eat good meat. I mean the expensive, organic raised, hormone free meat. We can’t afford to eat it all the time, or with the menfolk around here…we would.
They always get excited when I say we are going to have such and such for dinner, if it includes meat…they get all excited. It’s also how we keep healthy and support the worlds food problems…by eating low on the food chain, buying Organic, buying Local, and generally being very Hippie like in our eating habits…it’s also how we manage an under $350.00 food budget for five people…4 of whom eat like… five meals a day sometimes.
Impressive huh? I think it is.
Well, we have a busy day ahead…I have finally started booking the studio one-on-one appointments for the now open Studio! *Artist is now clapping her hands with glee*…and I want everything to be just right for them when they get here.
Starts on Monday! Tomorrow! WOW!
Each of the appointments are looking for different types of art…and thru listening to them, I will be arranging the studio, just for each of them. One is looking for really large room sized paintings for her new house…so I’ll be putting up the largest paintings for her…the next one wants to see Fairy World in person…so down with the big ones and her showing will be set for Fairy World. The Third one likes my trees, abstracts and flower paintings…so down with the fairy’s and up with the nature paintings, it’s so much fun like this. Of course there will be a variety if “other” things…but…We re-modeled the studio, so that when people want to come by, we can set it up quick for the type/style/or variety of art just for them.
What Gallery in town would do that for you? Not one…I checked.
I can set the place up within an hour or two for any type of event or showing…so keep those appointments coming! I love treating each person like they are having their own art show…like the front seats at a high fashion show in Paris, or Some Richy Boutique that closes just for you to be able shop in peace. I don’t care if I make sales….those will come as they should, but it sure is fun setting the stage for each appointment…like “mini-events” and I love that part of a show.
So…I am off to set my stage in preperation for my filled up Monday schedule…would you like to come see a show? Just let me know…once you see art the BAD! Kitty Art Studio Way…you’ll never want to buy art in any other way again.
At least that’s the goal here. To make sureyou are comfortable and having a good time. If you are here 5 minutes or an hour or two, you count/matter, and you spent matters to me…and my art stays affordable…with all the treatment of a top end gallery…without the high pressure sales stuff or the extra high prices/costs.
What could be better this holiday season? Stress-free Shopping, ask a few friends to come along…and make an evening of it, we will serve the treats and wine, and put on a show for you all…or just come see…what we are doing here…it’s different, and unique… I know people will like the relaxed, yet modern gallery area…and you get to peek around into the working studio…and see what’s on the easel, or maybe go into the art storage room, and see what’s back there… I am also taking appointments for energy portraits…those are too much fun to do, I love them!
Reserve your spot today!
Have a wonderful, love filled day…
*Who is W-a-a-ay to excited about it finally starting!