BAD! Kitty Quote of the Day!

A Thousand Welcomes to you!
(Celtic in origin….See yesterdays quote of the day for explanation of my current ocd with greetings)

I am living with my clear set goals, and steadfast heartfelt intention. The most wonderful part of yesterday was getting to meet three new people who I got to talk with, get inspired by and get feedback from about the place, the art and my business idea/plans for a homey Art environment, that is non-thwarting to peoples intellects or wallets.

I have to say it was great. I did not make a sale, but great patrons are not created in a day or one sale even.

I know that at least one of the three will be back for another showing, this time she thought it would make a great way to start a fun girls nite out. So we scheduled for her “party” in 10 days from now…for her and three of her friends…that’s my first art party booking folks!
It is happening.

I am living with intent, because it so does not matter to me that they didn’t walk out of here with brown paper wrapped artworks…but because they came at all.

The way we spend out most valuable things in this reality…our time and our hard earned money…Powerful tools…That’s what really mattered to me.

The feedback was: they all thought the place felt nice and warm and not stuffy, they also (every one of them) wanted to go into the “storage room” where I have stuff stashed…the room is a disaster…with art hanging from every available wall space to protect the work and then stacks of old works…and stuff that’s new and some that are drying…so I guess I better make that room look just as great as the rest of the place…because three out of three wanted to poke around in there…and it was fun for me too.
I’ll have to think about it.

So things are going along…I have to take the youngest to the doctor to get his permanent cast put on his little arm…Damn scooters! Snaped his little radius like it was a twig…and he’s the biggest and strongest of all my kids…but the handle bar came back and his body went forward and…snap goes the bone. We are hoping for a red colored cast…he loves red.

Then back to the studio, to finally get to work!!! Yahoo! I am going to start my new painting that I have been sketching in my journal for the last two weeks…Actually it’ll be a combination of several journal pages together to complete it.

I have new Journal pages to share today…I’ll be doing that soon…As well as the art feature for the day….And I have a couple of other things up my sleeves to show you today so stay tuned.

It’s really nice to hear back from you regulars (read comments on other posts) and I hope I am making new connections and friends along this path, so it’s nice to hear from you good friends that I talk to often as well as maybe some new people too. Always room for more love at the BAD! Kitty Art Studio…And inside this old heart of mine…Which as I grow into this dream… I find has many more rooms filled with wonders to explore….And in sharing/teaching I get to learn twice. Thanks for just being here….*artist will now stop with the sickining gushing…she put too much sugar in her coffee…and is now suger drunk…“I luv you man…*

My rich inner world is starting to become my real outer world…It’s not perfect, but for the first time ever, I feel like I am finally doing what I was put here to do….And the people I am getting the privilege to meet along the way…Make my journey richer, in every way…

Color, texture, tone, light…That’s how I record my mark on this winding road…My road signs…Billboards…Proof I am/was here and I : felt, loved, hurt, failed and succeeded! Now I am Amazed and more importantly I have learned to LOVE and I am really living NOW! Just me…just the way I am today…warts and all.

All my best to you today,
here’s to living with Intention and
loving to the very last drop!
Here’s to the next ten seconds!