Blown Away (not yet dry…Still needs at least 7 days to finish curing…Literally just finished it at 2:30 PST)

18×20 oils and mixed media

Free to the right person (s)

Free art for a person/family or business that has lost it all in the past three hurricanes. You used to have art? You think this work is a good healing experience for your customers? Need something new to start your new life with? Let me know I have two works to give away to people who NEED art. I can’t give money, I can’t even give the comfort of my arms, but I can do this. So…If you know of an organization (not for them to sell or auction off) and/or a person family member that would appreciate a work of art about a horrible event that is not ugly to look at….That breaths new life into the destruction…Then let me know I have art for you. No strings attached.

Thanks for being here today!