First Watch from the Choir series #4
18″ x 24″
back stapled, finished sides, ready to hang.
Close up
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Here is the quote that I was working with while creating:
I watch myself
what I see is my creation
as though entering through my eyes
perception is conception
into an eye more crystal clear
water of thoughts
what I watch
watches me
I am the creation of what I see
Octavio Paz
Source: Blanco, 1966
Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend.
This work is one of two that I have completed in the last couple of days. I will show the other one tomorrow, so stay tuned.
First Watch, for me is all about the ever present act of watching my inner self for signs of fear induced thinking. Limited thinking. Boredom. Stinky Thinking.
And too, the activity of listening to/for intuition, clarity and truth.
I watch for those body feelings so I can know better what is “right” and “wrong” for myself. The body knows before the brain…that’s soul power, the soul speaking up.
So I listen to the wind, lean in and listen for the quiet voice that calls me out into the gale force of this life. Knowing is Wisdom. Virtue is in the action.
Don’t worry, I’ll take the first watch.
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