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Artists Statement-

Heather and Bill met the first time in 1986. Both kids of 16 & 17. Both in vocational training in Astoria, OR. In the school years they were great friends, occasional rivals and secret poets. They formed a deep bond. 

Years pass and life takes people down different paths.
They reunited 5 years ago, that’s a 26 year gap in communication. They picked right back up with each other, instantly. They have been happily married this year (2019) for 5 years. 

Heather was already a 20 year oil painter and mixed media artist.
Bill was a professional musician for 20 years.
The chemistry in the studio was palpable. They had to try painting together! It was mind blowing fun. They continued to practice with each other on the same canvas and singularly on private explorations. The magic continues to this day as they continue to explore the varied mediums they convey art through; in their passion to share, teach and excite the whole world about art making, with their innovative art making product lines.  They love art and plan to tell the whole world about it. 
Here you can find the private works and their collaborative originals. If you are looking for prints, please check out our print site http://www.alleyvisionllc.com


This site is an invitation to experience connection with these pieces and works. It is Heather & Bill’s hope that these pieces resonate with your own divine energy.

Heather & William Alley are owners and creators of AlleyVision LLC, including the Paint Pour Kit(TM) (now available on Amazon).


We have a new line of one of a kind clothes, aprons and totes made from recycled flour sacks!

Art programs, projects and groups. Join us!

Join us! In the artist blog, you’ll discover  the inner workings of an art based business and lifestyle and have front row seats to the newest artworks and products. Owning original artwork can be difficult, because of costs, so  they offer a selection of Name Your Own Price original artworks. Check those out in the Brave Heart Art collection. Alleyvision supports all the arts! Navigate to the links and discover their Artist Encouragement Art Group on Facebook, too. Come join the fun, meet new friends and share and sell your original artwork, in a completely safe environment. FREE! All forms of art practice are encouraged!


Original Art Auctions

They offer occassional original art auctions, don’t miss out on those artworks. Sign up is free and AlleyVision will never spam you, for anything. Signing up is only by email so no private information is shared online. See Alleyvisions privacy policy here. 


We produce art based media content!

If you love watching art making videos, then make sure to like and subscribe to the AlleyVision You Tube Channel! We have a growing library of art tutorials, demos, projects and inspirations! See you there! 

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