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email: heather.alley@alleyvisionllc.com

My name is Heather Alley aka HA!  I co-own AlleyVision Art Studio in Portland, Oregon with my Husband, Bill Alley aka WA? .

When we co-create paintings/media, we are HAWA.

I’ll be your primary Art Host here at the web site, feel free to shoot me an email if I can be of any assistance. Our working studio is open to the public by appointment only. Please, feel free to request a lookie-loo. We love visitors, I’ll make coffee, we can chat, it’ll be good, I’m a charmer. 🙂 

We are oil painters, poets/spoken word performers and musicians. We are also the creators of the pour painting kit!  HA!’s first love is painting and she has been a full time self representing artist for 18 years. Bill’s first love is music and he has been a professional musician for 20 years. 

We have a calling, a passion, to create art. Art that inspires, motivates, heals and resonates. We are absolutely committed to painting what moves us, deeply. We are committed to living this human life fully ourselves. No shame, no hesitation, no censor; eyes open, no fear, we show up and do honest work. That’s really us in a nutshell. We work. We show up, stay honest and do the work. 

Over the years we have been blessed to have our works all over the country and internationally in private and public collections. We have a vibrant following that encourages us and allows us the freedom to be ourselves and share the love we have for this world.

Thank you for taking the time to view our works, we hope you find art that makes your spirit sing with joy, even if it’s not our work. We believe art is THAT important to the human experience, so thank you for supporting living artists, everywhere!

HA! formally owned and operated BAD! Kitty Art Studio.  Click the link to check  out Heather’s work as BAD! Kitty Art Studio (HMBT).

All artwork is signed, has a Certificate of Authenticity and insurance appraisal.

All Artwork comes ready to hang, out of the box, (unless otherwise noted), with finished sides on gallery wrapped, back stapled canvas. (unless otherwise noted)

 Paintings are sealed and professionally packaged/shipped, to anywhere in the world. We accept Paypal payments. From local buyers we will accept other forms of payment, just ask us about it. From USA/Canada patrons (non local) we can discuss other forms of payments, if necessary.   From International buyers, we only accept Paypal payments, in USD only, no exceptions. 

We do offer local delivery/pick-up.

We offer a 100% money back guarantee on all of our artwork. If you purchase art from us you have 7 days to live with it. If it isn’t working for you, just box it right back up, and safely return it to the studio. (Buyer pays shipping both ways) We will issue a full return of the purchase price upon inspection of the return.

Simple. No fuss, no hassles. We get it. 

We offer an art-lay-away plan for those of you who would like to take advantage of that program. We will arrange a payment plan, with you,  tailored to your needs, for the artwork that you want. It will be marked sold and as soon as the last payment is made, we ship your artwork to you within 2 business days. We collect no interest of any kind on this transaction, it’s just the cost of the painting and shipping. No fuss, no hassles. We get it.

We have an art rental program as well. We have many large scale (all sizes really) orginal artworks that may just be perfect for your event, office or project. No matter if you need  art for a one time event, staging for home sales/showing or an on-going rotating art display for your home, office or business, we have got you covered. No fuss, no hassles. We get it.



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