Mate man has suggested that my being open and honest about why I am selling my art in this way at these prices is heavy handed. Maybe too much info? 

I am torn, I see his point, but I also feel like I have no problem with sharing a fact of life with everyone, I have no shame, never have.

I can’t control how anyone reading my words will respond to them. I think it  might make some people feel good that they are spending in total maybe 24.00 bucks, and for that they get art and they provide the money that will buy the food that four people will live on that day.

Again, I am torn.

So, I want to know what you all think, from your human sides and your business sides. How much transparency is good and how much is too much?

I’m not looking for pity, I just want to make that clear, I am also not asking for donations or charity, I am willing, able and I am currently working my butt off. I am doing 60+ hours a week at my life coaching job…I can cover rent and utilities, it’s food and car insurance/payments that I’m not able to cover so I choose to sell art to try and make that happen. I can not and don’t want to go get food stamps. I can’t get them because we have assets (two cars), when they get repossessed, then I’ll qualify…or I could leave mate man and get instant welfare. Those are my choices right this moment. The food banks are empty and for people that I know are way worse off than I am, I have a roof over my head at least. 

Mate Man spends at a minimum 4-6 hours a day looking and applying for work, he’s had one interview already. He also has signed up with temp agency’s for possible short term money making. We have filed with the EEOC and unemployment, those have waiting weeks and investigation time tables. We are doing everything that we need to do to make this work.

Just want to make that clear too.  

Now back to the question… 

Am I being heavy handed or ruining my “persona” by keeping it really real?

Anyone? This is important to me and I know a lot of really smart people (you out there), so please…how much is too much? Do I look like a fool? Do I appear to be begging? Am I hurting my art career by basically hawking my wares in this manner?

What do you think?

Please tell me the truth as you see it.

I really want to know.

With a whole heart,