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Shop for art & art kits-Alleyvision. This is THE place to find original artworks, oil paintings, fluid acrylic art, mixed media, media content, art kits, the pour paint kit. Shop for art that makes your heart sing or that matches your curtains, it’s all good here! We love art making, our excitement is contagious. Hang around here too long and we will have you believing you can do anything in this life! 🙂 

Inside the gallery you will find, the most current artworks and those that are on sale or art auction, too. Search the original oil paintings, discover our popular Pour Paint Kits, take a gander at the whimsical fluid artworks/wall sculptures, clay sculptures and mixed media artworks, by Heather Alley (HA!) and William Alley (WA?).

The alleyvision artist blog

Here is a link to HA!’s ART Blog

Don’t feel like shopping for art? Check out the art blog to see what’s its really like being a living artist. Sometimes it’s not about the shopping it’s about the resonance. We get that.

Commissions or questions-we want to talk with you!

Please get in touch if you have any questions or would like to request a personal commissioned artwork. We accept 6 commission works a year.

email us: tribealley@gmail.com

The Art Tutorials and how-to videos

If you are looking for the how-to videos for The Pour Paint kits Please Click Here.

Shopping isn’t everything, we know YOU want to MAKE art. We have developed almost 100 art and craft tutorials. You can find the pour paint kit video in the link above or you can like and subscribe to our You Tube channel Here! We produce new content monthly, don’t miss the next video! See you there.

AlleyVision prints & products

Original artwork can be a financial no-go for many people. We get that. Money should not be a barrier to owning art. Art is for everyone! A large selection of the artwork has been uploaded for prints and products with our partner, Bay Printing. We have low prices, tons of work to choose from and Bay has highest quality printing and framing needs. Check it all out here: AlleyVision  Prints & Products @

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Originals & Products Below 

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