Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end

Quote in title: Seneca

“The big talent is persistence.”

Octavia E. Butler 

We continue. Evolution, it seems is also a spectrum

What a fantastic, free for all, terrorising, brutal year. 2020 can wrap it up and go away….I’m done! 🙂

on with the show….no, not the shit show. It’s more like, let’s get it done…. remain kind!

Hello art fans, I hope this post finds you safe and healthy. We have (knock on wood) remained COVID free. Our protocols have not changed since February 2020. We remain. We continue. The art work continues. Isolation is as it ever was…enlightening and absurd.

Undeterred, by these myriad of obstacles, we push forward. Of course, the year has been hard for our art business, as many others across this nation and world. Our business will survive, if we do. I know so many that can not say that and it breaks my heart. This has been an enlightening and devastating season to live through.

I allow myself to fail. I allow myself to break. I’m not afraid of my flaws.

Lady Gaga

While the pandemic rages, we continue to redefine, reshape and reinvent ourselves. Allowing the hard work, within, to be seen by actions, verbs, in real life. Allowing the lessons to penetrate the hard outer shell of exhaustion. Allowing the healing. Allowing the pain and horror. Allowing the death and cruelty. Allowing the veil to be lifted so that change, real systemic change, can occur. Allowing my heart to break, allowing the mourning. Allowing the sadness. Allowing the fear and the quiet of seperations. Allowing the inner work and learning, to become the best allies we can be, for our black and brown brothers and sisters. Allowing ourselves to remain, eyes open, no fear. Allowing the anger, using it to fuel change and keep death at bay.

The divine can only be delayed not denied

We opened the Outdoor art gallery this year. It was a success! Lots of people (safely distanced and mask wearing) stopped by and we sold some art. It was good to see humans again. 🙂 We were very excited to be showing again, even if it was just in our own front yard.

If the forest fires had not happened, we were on track to have a pretty good show season, regardless of the pandemic. The fires did happen though, we closed a month earlier than we wanted too. For a while, it was all we could do to keep our mental health in shape, work our stressful day jobs and wait for election day to pass….

Moving through this year has been like a lucid dream, not a good one. It has also taught us so much about ourselves, the world, human beings, politics, conscious capitalism, the art world, human rights, internal racism, and how to form alliances, to name a few.

The artwork continues. That is in a state of evolution as well. We took the last month off from most social media and the grind of marketing and advertising ourselves. It’s a weird world so marketing feels…off and slippery. We have been focused on next year and what we really want to do with it. Who we want to be. What do we want to say and how do we really feel about….this reality? How do we grow, within the confines of our shared….predicament? Who are we now? What did we learn and how do we use it? What can we add to the zeitgeist that will be useful, loving and effective? What did we learn?

“Everything we say signifies; everything counts, that we put out into the world. It impacts on kids, it impacts on the zeitgeist of the time.”

Meryl Streep

What we learned in still evolving, we do know a few things….

  1. We feel the urgent need to go deeper into our work. Pulling out all the stops, on every work. Deep diving, everytime. This requires a few changes in our environment and processes.
  2. We looked around ourselves and found that “things” equal stress and obligation. We don’t like either. We are purging down to basics and it feels great. It has allowed us to recognise just how privileged we are and how we want to use that power in the future. Gratitude is powerful and freeing.
  3. We recognise and allow for failures. For foolishness. For learning. We accept what is, radically, and are working for change from within, first, then move that love outward as far as we can push it, into the world.
  4. We don’t know what’s next. We are ok with the unknown as long as we live every day above ground as a blessing, it’ll all be what we make of it.
  5. We really do love each other, after this year of intense “together” time, we want more. That is good stuff.

We have spent the past two weeks remodeling the art studio and art storage. Now we have a stage (YES a real frickin stage!!!) brainstorming space, office and media control, living area and all the clear dancefloor a girl could ever dream of. 🙂 We are going to go even harder at our content creation and have many surprises in store for us all in 2021! If you want, you can take a sneak peek at the changes in the pictures and short video below.

We have secret stuff to share soooooooon! Stay tuned!

The next year is going to be full of hard work, optimism and JOY!!! We are so ready, we hope you’ll stick around and see what happens next.

Big love to everyone!!!

Bill & Heather (HAWA)

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