Freedom is the recognition of necessity.

Freedom is the recognition of necessity. Friedrich Engels

Wow…2020? Who knew? It’s a hot mess, for sure. We are all living through the events of this year, so I won’t bother to recount, or document this current moment reality. Because, like, you know, right?

We have spent the entire year in, well…..what now, mode. The artwork continued and we ended up with a whole lot of finished work that’s even been copyrighted. Our first completed body of work, together, as professional artists, and as an art duo even. We’ve been painting for years now, this is our first focused year with intention and direction on a single focus. No practicing, just doing. It’s been liberating and terrifying….this year is just full of gifts.

“Expansion means complexity and complexity decay.” C. Northcote Parkinson

After the loss of the entire season, including all the pre-paid costs, we finished The Simplicity Collection and thought about our options. Giving up on the year, was never on the table. We knew the PDX Garage Gallery was too small to reopen, even as appointment only. Plus this most recent work pushed us into a much larger format, so just having enough space to show 10 works that are all at least 4 foot wide or long, with some 5+ footers as well, was in short supply. We put on our thinking caps and wound up….here…


We opened the Outdoor Gallery, we have been open now for 4 weeks! We had to start from scratch, down to the details…we had to revamp the front of the house and yard to accommodate our big idea. It took months of hard word and planning. Take a look 




TO THIS!!! After….

There’s nothing efficient about innovation. Simon Sinek

We reopened the new Outdoor Gallery and we have had a good response from our neighborhood as well as the public in general. We have made sales every week but one. Are we rolling in the dough? lol nope. What we are rolling in is the response we have gotten. People are slowing their pace and smiling…this work makes people smile. It WORKS! Our idea this year was to promote, simplicity. It’s what we saw missing, in the current reality and we didn’t even know about COVID-19 then. We have learned to use our intuition in our work over the years…little did we know how precognitive we were being. (Ain’t that always the way it goes? lol)

Simplicity. We chose to explore this idea in December 2019. The feeling of willfully making things, simple, reduced to the essential necessity. Line, shape, color. Familiar landscapes that everyone loves.


Sunrise over the hills. High noon in the desert, just after the rain storm, smelling the flowers burst into life. Moonlight on the tops of autumn trees in all their chlorophyll magnificence. Walking along the beach at sunset and marveling at the glittering water. Majestic mountains perched above rolling hills. The stark beauty of the mesa in a neon twilight. Amazing blue skies, shimmering in the heated afternoon, while laughing over a picnic lunch. The sunset staining moving water and the innocent beauty of nubile growth. We wanted to feel…simple again. The wonder of a child with obsessions for bold, joyful color.


We wanted to share love, peace and joy of being alive. Even if it’s the last ten seconds, we all deserve it to be good, at least, sometimes.

We gotta laugh too, remember to play!

We are proud that we completed the work and built the outdoor gallery. We hope we can offer a moment of respite from this crazy, complicated and sad world. We hope we offer endurance to the tired soul and love to the lonely heart. We hope we make you smile, even for just a moment. We love you. We love us. We hope we all make it. We are pulling for us all.


We also opened a virtual gallery for the collection, it’s super awesome and fun to use. It offers the experience of seeing the works from the creation videos, the art scaled in a room setting and the original poetry we wrote for each work. Check it out:


The Simplicity Collection


So, in closing….We TOTALLY love you so much. We are so glad you are here today, sharing this space with us, thank you so much.


We hope you and yours are well. We are trying to stay healthy too.


If you have the time and your in the area, consider stopping by and cheering us on, we could always use the encouragement.



Here’s a little TikTok to make you smile 🙂 Big Love <3


Your friend in the arts,



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