NEW Art! Happy Day by HAWA- oil painting

Happy Day – oils- 36″ x 48″ x 2″

Happy Day

36″ x 48″ x 2″

Oils on museum grade canvas

HAWA 2020

Ready to hang with painted sides

Locals can view in person by appointment in the #PDXGarageGallery, free delivery in the PDX metro area is available.

Free shipping inside the USA

Happy Day is another in the Simplicity series, we love the way they come to life on the canvas. The cheerful sun rays, peeking over the mountains and hills, rich with earthy color and healing green energy. This work is very grounding to look at and it makes your heart smile along with your face. It’s a recognizable painting, almost familiar. We have all seen a version of the sun and mountains we all draw them as children, sure for some of us it was sun and water, but you get the drift. A happy sun! A pretty sky! A whole Heart! What’s not to love?

Sunrise is a magic time of day, all possibilities have yet to unfold into our day. The emblem of new life and rebirth. The sun manages to, once again, rise over the horizon and illuminate the whole planet with its glory of rays. The world warms and is filled with light, life and hope. This painting allows you to focus on the vibrant colors in your life, in you, yourself. It restores reasons for the spirit to rise, remain and fiercely love. Sunrise is the promise of a new day. A new chance for change, for courage, for the all the good possibilities, for the people of Earth to Shine.

We hope you enjoy the work! Here’s the video of it’s making 🙂

We hope y’all enjoy the work. We have more works that are getting close to being done and I’m excited to see them finished. I hope this finds you all well and good,

Your friends in the arts,

Heather & Bill

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