Majesty – New oil painting by Alleyvision

Majesty 48″ x 48″ oils on museum grade canvas

Image from inside the #PDXgaragegallery
The short movie of it’s making 🙂

We are so excited to share our most recent collaborative artwork of the new year! We are starting the year with a grand statement of love, solidarity and faith in the earth herself. Our love of the natural world is transcendental bliss for these two old horticulturists. Bill is wonderful at taking simple, unassuming, lines and developing them into magical terrains and adventures. In his original drawing, he was exploring our current thread we are chasing.

The Easy.

What is easy? Does it have value?

Bill and I are in this delicious flow of expansion. Our new works are coming together in an almost effortless stream of consciousness. This work is a discussion between Bill and I about discounting the “easy stuff”. The easy things that just happen, we all have these things in our lives.

For example: it’s easy for us to pick up new painting skills, or learn new art techniques. As well it should be, we have been making art, in many forms for over 20 years now. We have earned that “easy”, which we often dismiss, quickly.

We have noticed, that we sometimes we get so involved in striving for the big thing, the success or what have you, that we discount things that are easy for us. Well, we think, it can’t be that easy! I better try again and make it harder! That will make it more valuable and therefore, by extension ourselves more valuable, too. We have been talking about this issue for more than a year.

How can we move from strive to thrive?

How can we thrive in this world, work, love if we are discounting the easy stuff? Those are our gifts from source! What’s easy for me isn’t going to be easy for others and vice versa. What if the easy in our lives was something we added to our gratitude lists? What if easy was valuable? What if our easy things/talents are a pathway of self discovery and adventure? What would it look like? We have set sail to find out!

It is what we make of it…

Our new works explore that question. What is “easy” and does it have anything to add to the process of fully awakening and allowing? Now that these works are becoming ready to be seen, I will be most interested in the conversations they might provoke. What is easy? Well, it’s a little complicated….lol. 

We hope you enjoyed the work and hope you will stop by the #PDXGarageGallery soon to view it live! We would love to see you. Have a great day everyone and thanks so much for your support and encouragements! We adore you <3

Your friends in the arts,

Heather & Bill Alley

Majesty 48″ x 48″ x 2″ OILS on canvas HAWA 2010 AlleyvisionLLC Available for purchase below

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