“Success is no accident.

It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do.” ~ Pele

New oil painting in progress. From the series Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden. This is #2 30″ x 40″ x 2″ HAWA 2019

Hey everyone, I hope this post finds you well and good.

I just wanted to stop in and show some update pictures of our latest works in progress. So, let’s get to the art shall we?

First let’s take a peek at the downtown paintings “Portland from the Eastbank” series…

These three paintings are big so they have taken a lot of time to complete. They are all at 75% done now and we are seeing the finish line, it’s just another mile down the road. I’m glad to see it coming to a close and excited about being able to offer them for sale, finally! Let’s take a look-see!

The top one is the first painting, the bottom the second. Each one is 30″ x 48″ x2″ Oils HAWA 2019
This is the third one it is 36″ x 48″ x 2″ oils HAWA 2019

Pretty cool, eh? We are excited to bring them to a close and possibly add color to them…we kinda love them in the black and white. What do you think? color or no?

Next, we take a look at the newest series. Crystal Springs

Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden is a super special park for both Bill and I. Bill works at the park (it’s one of 15 in his portfolio) as the Horticulturist. He gets to see it year round and I get a little jellie sometimes, I’ll admit. πŸ™‚ We decided to paint a series of works based on the Parks of Portland Oregon. It’s gonna be a blast and should take us a while, there are at least 279 parks and natural areas in Portland. We begin this undertaking with our beloved Crystal Springs.

The sketch…
the 1st time lapse πŸ™‚
The black and white under painting
a little of the time lapse for the color…
Where it is right now….waiting for us to have more time to tackle it again. This painting is 30″ x 40″ x 2″ oils HAWA 2019

The second work…

The sketch…
A little of the time lapse
The black and white underpainting
a little of the time lapse for the color…
30″ x 40″ x 2″ oils HAWA 2019 Still in progress…

We have one more we are going to start really soon!

Heather’s new work

16″ x 20″ x 2″ oils HA! 2019 “One Race-Human”

“The human race is a very, very magical race. We have a magic power of witches and wizards. We’re here on this earth to unravel the mystery of this planet. The planet is asking for it. “

~Yoko Ono

The People as they stand now, the changes I am making are almost complete. 48″ x 36″ x 2″

The people have had some changes, there is a short movie about the creation process…but I’m going to re-edit the movie to add the changes to the documentation. The Big change is that the all have hearts, I had hearts on everyone…looked like this:

The People Mini movie…

The Hearts were distracting me. I wanted to love them, for real, I did. I just thought they took away the real message the people came to share. I love the end result, because of course people have hearts…this isn’t a ghost party, sheesh. πŸ™‚

They are textural now, still there and present in the overall image, it’s much more powerful this way. We don’t know the edges, the depth, the strength of ourselves, how could we know that for anyone else? This feels more right to me.

What do you think?

This one is an experiment of sorts…I’ve painted on it several times over two years time…here it is in current time:

untitled 18″ x 48″ x .75″
Oils HAWA 2019
yes, that is a hammer head shark πŸ™‚

I don’t know if it’ll stay where it is or if it will move again at all…it’s a mystery painting.

The end is nigh…

I mean for this blog post not the world. I actually can not believe that everything in the world, that is happening, is happening because we are failing as the human race. I think we have to radically accept ALL the situations and stick to-fucking-ther. We all are learning, the lessons don’t need to be enjoyable they need to be tended to. Honesty with vulnerability mixed with kindness and fierce boundaries, will save the whole sticky mess.

We must tell our stories. We must live through all the uncomfortable. We must learn to train our minds for the situations at hand, with kindness and fierceness. Love is our reason, love. Simple. We love everyone, yes everyone. Yes, for those in the back, everyone, even those who do not love us.

The art is proof. Proof of our love. It is our medicine for a troubled world. What is your medicine? It is expression of reality and spirit…colliding. We are golden. We’ve got to get ourselves back to the garden, is all. Love to everyone!! πŸ™‚

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