The November Art Event-online art auctions at alleyvision

The November Art Sale is live!

Hello there art fans, I hope you are having a great Halloween today. We are opening the art auction today, bidding is open and will end 11/3 @ midnight PST. There will be 12 artworks this week up for bidding. We will be doing the live show on Saturday afternoon to talk about the works that are available and check in on the auction, and entertain you a little too, with with some super fun surprises! 

Don’t miss out on this event! 

We are opening the art vault and bringing out the best works of the year and a few that are a little older, too. We are going to have some brand new works to add, as we go. Here is the available artwork for bidding, check them out. Will your favorite artwork be on this weeks list? 

We will be live on Saturdays to chat and answer questions and tell the tales of the works.

We hope you will enjoy this weeks offerings. I hope that we can bless each other in this endeavor. You get new art the smartest way possible and we will get to continue to make more art in the future! Total Win-Win. 

So…what are you waiting for? Go bid! I’m adding more works today so stay tuned. Big love to everyone, I really appreciate your presence in my life. <3 Prayers of enough (of whatever is needed) for the globe and every beating heart have been said and now I am off to work. See you Saturday!

<3 HA! 

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