Every creator painfully experiences the chasm between his inner vision and its ultimate expression.

Quote in title: Isaac Bashevis Singer

Hello there. I hope this finds you well. All my love to those in the storms way. I am sending prayers for all life. Big Love.

Loving you all <3

Okay, well. This week? Yeah, I’m done. It’s been too long, too hard and too many dramas, for this human. I might be a little spun out on the whole adulting gig. UGH. I would go into detail…but whhhhhy? It won’t make anything any better, trust me, I’ve talked myself blue in the face.

If I only looked this good while being batty, things would be different! 🙂

It is always, (seems these days) a battle for living a life that is, enough. I don’t want it all, I’m good like that. I just want to reach the point of enough, so I can breathe a little easier. Enough love & attention, enough money & time, enough smarts & wisdom, you get the idea. Who needs perfection? Not me. A little more harmony and balance would work wonders for my internal view of myself. That darn inner-self is such a hot-mess of needy-ness. I swear, just when I think I have her patched up and running right, BAM! The Universe has a morbid sense of humor far as I can tell. Either that, or I am a special kind of weirdo. 🙂

for real GUUURL just, breathe!

I found my big girl panties and worked the knot out. This has been such a topsy-turvy year. I can validate myself, I am enough, I can keep going because I have that much faith. On with it then…pity party is over.

all righty then, shall we?

Tons of great art happening! That’s a good thing, a very, very good thing. WA? and I are working on a new business idea. We are thinking about creating a subscription box fluid painting kit. A new kit every month and content too. We are still fleshing out the curation for the 12 months, to make sure the kits are exciting, easy and so fun that you’ll be excited to do the next months project. It would all kick off with the big PRO kit and then be monthly 5 new colors with canvas and pre-mixed paints. The content would support the kits with skill shares and experimenting with surprises, maybe even monthly live feed tutorials, too! All that for a low monthly fee and at the end of the year, you would have 67 squeeze bottles and every color known to man…lol, almost. 🙂 And a years worth of skill practice. Everyone is an artist with our kits!

What do you think? Any takers? I’d love some feedback on the idea, I’d love to move to pre-production by the end of the month, so the launch can happen before Christmas! Can you imagine giving a art gift that happened every month for an entire year? I think I’d love it, what about you?

Am I right? I’m the cat in this image, lol.

In other arty news…I’m oil painting this week and here are some pictures of those works, still WIP’s, because, oils. I’m having fun being at the easel right now so that’s how I’m gonna roll for now. I hope to have a new content video on the fluid art by Sunday, this week So, check back for that, or even better, just click over to the channel and subscribe! Pretty please and thank you. <3 

The gorge-20″ x 20″ oils over fluid acrylics-HA! 2018

Skyscrapers-oils- 24″ x 20″ x2″- HA! 2018 

Well, that’s got to wrap it up for me today. I am so grateful you stopped by today, thank you for that. I hope your day is, enough. I wish you enough in all ways. Big Love, HA! 

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