Every human is an artist. The dream of your life is to make beautiful art.

Quote in the title: Don Miguel Ruiz

Meditation series – originals for this series available in the gallery.

A jeweler could meditate by envisioning that everything is as pure and radiant as shimmering gold; a winemaker might picture herself as distilling bliss from the grapes of experience; a shoemaker could imagine that he was sewing the leather of passion with the thread of freedom to produce shoes of enlightenment. ~Miranda Shaw

While I work:
To begin, I will start with a powerful prayer or thought written on the canvas or clay. Then, I imagine my work can heal the mind, body and soul, that it is a visual medicine. I imagine the purest love I can summon and infuse that information into the paint/materials at hand. Paint remembers, like water. Clay responds to prayer. Oils hold resonate energy and it releases it slowly over time. Patrons have spoken of the energetic qualities of the works over the years. I do it because I love to love!! Also, it makes me feel incredibly fulfilled as a being and gives me energy to continue the work. (on myself too).  

Thank you for stopping by, it means the world to me! Big Love, HA! 

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