I really believe that everyone has a talent, ability, or skill…

that he can mine to support himself and to succeed in life. ~Dean Koontz 

Hey there, happy Monday to you. I’m mining talents, motivations and skill sets like a mad woman over here. 🙂 We have so many things happening at once and the end of the year is nigh. That was a fast year, am I right? It flew by in a flurry of dramas, feelings and periodic outrage. (for me at least)

Mine the power of your inner strength and bring that wealth into all tha tyou do.

It was a super fast weekend, dedicated to time with family. We have the youngest son ( of 4) turning 16 today, so we spent time with him. He had a good birthday weekend. <3 As it should be.

Self Care in the middle of stressful times

We did talk a bit about the things we are doing and propagating in our system. Accountability starts with ourselves and sometime requires a touch of, holding feet to the fire. We want to live in this world fully, its just been so dense the last couple of years. (the energy-flow-mass mind think) That’s made it harder, on the daily, on the flip side, it’s made the art making…spectacular. Studio time is a daily thing, we work, we show up, we stay honest and we work. It’s amazing how much you can accomplish in a day this way. 

My sculptures, they are my totems for strength, courage, faith and healing. 

I have not made any art in 5 days. (because there was no extra time in the schedule)  It’s getting to me. I am wanting to avoid all the adulting and play in my studio with loud music and chocolate cherries for lunch. I want to indulge, surrender, let flow happen. Forget about this life for a little while. Time management…yeah, yeah, yeah. I know. Again with the adulting…this is more my speed today.

lol Wouldn’t that be nice? To wake up and go stand on a rock in the ocean for the sunrise? Sounds about like perfect to me. Hello sun! I love you!

Thing is, I have to do the stuff before I can do the other stuff which will make some time available for the stuff I want to do. To avoid overwhelm and underwhelm, which is worse for myself personally, I lay out the day and start at the top of the list. Including a prioritization for myself, in the mix. 

Basic priority chart

This exercise isn’t just a good way to stay on top of things, it’s also an act of self care. If I’m in there somewhere, I get to make art! I also will feel great about my time because I earned it, so it’s guilt free! (I like rewards, they work for me)

feeling good

I hope all is working in your world. I hope you are doing well. I love you and am grateful you stopped by today. I better go bust a move on the day, lots to do and miles to go. Take care of yourselves out there. We can’t change the world if we don’t start with ourselves. Be the love you need in the world. <3 That’s my motto. Love everyone. Be kind. Take no shit. Easy peasy.

Till next time,

HA! <3

P.S. we’ve been adding to the content videos for the kit…check it out!

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