We know what we are, but know not what we may be.

Quote in title: Shakespeare

Hey there, what a difference a day can make, you know?

Nothing in the outside world changed, it’s still a dumpster fire out there. I allowed all my feelings, grace and space for 24 hours. This morning, I still have a racing brain and a hard time meditating. Though my heart and soul are resting, with more ease. The tightness in my chest and pain in my neck and shoulders, diminished and healing. Allowing and radical acceptance of what is, works for me, every time. Yay for me, figuring out how to handle my own self care! It only took 48 years of practice. LOL 

“How do I define Radical Acceptance? Simply put, Radical Acceptance is a state of mind in which one looks at Issue X and realizes:

  • It sucks beyond all comprehension;
  • It’s not fair that it shouldn’t even be an issue;
  • There is absolutely nothing one can do about it; and
  • Shaking one’s fist at the Universe is going to accomplish nothing more than stressing oneself out (and making the Universe laugh really, really hard).”

Quote from:https://www.legalreader.com/radical-acceptance-and-radical-change/

instead of sorry I say thank you. Thank you for allowing me space and time to tend to my garden. Thank you. <3 

Aren’t we just amazing creatures? I think we are. I think we are, for sure.

The thing is, I can’t know what I don’t know. I can bone up on every subject and become the professional student of life. OR…I could allow myself to be present in every moment and find out who I am in those moments, kind of like a surprise party for myself. 🙂  When I realize I’m not going to please everyone AND I am not pretending in anyway about being me…then my soul can rest and my brain can bleed out all the art that sustains the very life inside of me. 

Be serious! Be Silly! Be Awake! Be you boo!

Today I am excited to accomplish my hit list of things I need to do and have to do. Today, I feel like I can re-frame negatives into mindful positives. Today I found a little basket of hope in the back corner. Its a full basket too! Yay for me again! I’ve learned to save a little bit extra in my mental pantry…for when times get tough. I am really kicking ass at this being alive thing today, YAY!

Raw & Radiant, that’s me!

I had better get to the actual doing. I hope to release a couple of new content videos for the PRO kit (which is now available, hint, hint), over the next couple of days. I also have a stack of paperwork to do for the business and the house. I am still packing kits and making art, daily when possible. The courses I was taking for basic filmmaker skills and photography, have come to an end and I am applying what was learned. The videos are improving with every shoot and edit. We are growing! It’s awesome! I am so grateful for, well, everything. Even the hardness in life can remind the soul palette,  how sweet life can be, too. 

The sun always rises!

I love you, I hope you have the day you need. Thanks so much for stopping by my little world. I am grateful for you. <3 HA!

This prompt helped me prioritize my day with myself included in the list! Yay self care!

Do something nice for you today, you deserve the love! <3 

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